Career Politicians and their arrogance

Frank Pallone is the 22-year progressive Democrat incumbent in NJ6.  He is running against Tea Party candidate Anna Little, and this is the first year that his seat has a chance of being lost.  Last weekend there was a Columbus Day parade in Pallone’s home town (Long Branch NJ).  Pallone had a spot in the parade, and 8-10 people showed up to march with him.  Anna Little also had a spot in the parade and ‘Anna’s Army’, as its known showed up in support.  Around 160 Little supports were on Anna side, while 8-10 were on Pallones.  During the staging before the parade, Pallone’s people had to pass Anna’s staging area, where ‘Anna’s Army’ started chanting ‘Anna, Anna, Anna’.  One of the videographers from the Little camp wanted to get a shot of Pallone’s people walking by while the chanting was taking place.  The video shows that Pallone is questioned by the videographer, asking him to comment on what he would like to tell his constituents.  Pallone then confers with someone on his staff, and then ignores the question.  As Pallone’s vehicle starts moving, that very same staffer attempted to put a sticker over the Little videographer’s camera lens.  In turn, he missed MOST of the shot of Pallone passing.  The videographer then asked Pallone why his staffer would try to put a sticker over his lens, and Pallone played stupid.  This is the kind of arrogance that career politicians acquire while being in Washington for 22 years.  This is the kind of congressman that we all want to put into retirement.

A link to the video is below.

Go Anna Little in NJ6