Health care: Jam it down their throat

In the left’s latest attempt at the takeover of health care (http://www.gop.gov/download?folder=misc&file=111_ahcaa.pdf) starting on page 512 titled ‘Congressional Procedures’:

PROCEEDING TO CONSIDERATION.—A motion in the Senate to proceed to the consideration of a joint resolution shall be privileged and not debatable.

…all debatable motions and appeals in connection therewith, shall be limited to not more than 20 hours.

Debate in the Senate on any debatable motion or appeal in connection with a joint resolution shall be limited to not more than 1 hour

With respect to the joint resolution of the House receiving the resolution, the procedure in that House shall be the same as if no such joint resolution had been received from the other House; but the vote on passage shall be on the joint resolution of the other House.

…the Senate then receives the companion measure from the House of Representatives, the companion measure shall not be debatable.

1.  What I can see is that there will be little or no debate, even to go so far as to say the bill states there will be little or no debate.

2.  John Boehner will not be allowed to read the bill on The House floor like he has done in the past.

3.  I’m not sure but is The Senate vote being done by The House?

Further down in the same section defining ‘Joint Resolution’:

BUDGETARY TREATMENT.—For the purposes of consideration of a joint resolution, the Chairmen of the House of Representatives and Senate Committees on the Budget shall exclude from the evaluation of the budgetary effects of the measure, any such effects that are directly attributable to disapproving a Medicare final implementation plan of the Secretary submitted under subsection (a).

In other words, they are guaranteeing that they will use reconciliation in The Senate so that a simple majority can pass the bill.

Ask yourself this. If the American people really wanted a government takeover of health care, then why are changes to congressional procedure needed in order to pass the bill?  Why is little or no debate going to take place?  And why does ‘reform’ COST over a trillion dollars?  This is blatant corruption.  Our representatives are not doing their job of representing us.  All we are left with at the end of the day is fewer and fewer freedoms and liberties while the Chinese are licking their chops waiting to call their loan.