How the Senate Finance Committee deals with tort reform.

From page 1211 and 1212 of the Senate Fiance Committee health care takeover bill:

Subtitle H—Sense of the S
Regarding Medical Malpra
It is the sense of the Senate that—
(1) health care reform presents an opportunity
to address issues related to medical malpractice and
medical liability insurance;
(2) States should be encouraged to develop and
test alternatives to the existing civil litigation system
as a way of improving patient safety, reducing med-
ical errors, encouraging the efficient resolution of
disputes, increasing the availability of prompt and
fair resolution of disputes, and improving access to
liability insurance, while preserving an individual’s
right to seek redress in court; and
(3) Congress should consider establishing a
State demonstration program to evaluate alter-
natives to the existing civil litigation system with re-
spect to the resolution of medical malpractice claims.

Pathetic at best.  When it comes to real ways to reduce health insurance costs the Senate urges states to “develop and test new alternatives to civil litigation.”  There is ZERO tort reform, just suggestions on what the states should do.  Is this really about reducing health insurance costs?

While at the same time, the 245 Billion dollar deficit haunting medicare has been taken out of this bill and added to our national debt. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1009/28470.html

We are in dire need of an overhaul, but not a health care overhaul, we need a congressional overhaul.