"What Up?" - By Michael Steele

The revamped GOP.com page is a Joke.  Random faces appear in place of the “O” in the GOP logo, most of which are black people.  Haven’t we learned yet not to pander to one side or the other?  It’s an obvious attempt to pander to minorities.  Everyone with eyes can see right through it.  If you hover your mouse over the “Discuss” tab on the page one section is entitled “What Up?” – By Michael Steele.  The GOP obviously has still not learned that they shouldn’t be trying to expand their members by giving up their values.  “What Up?”… Come on guys, you really thing pretending you’re from ghetto and using slang is going to improve your image?  We want Republican roots, don’t inch more toward the center (We saw how that turned out…McCain), instead go as far right as possible.  Stand up for conservatism instead of becoming more moderate.  The GOP’s decision to change their image to what is reflected in their new website is just plain pathetic.