California wants $4.7 billion in high-speed rail stimulus

California is slated for $38 billion dollars in budget deficits for the next three years.  The only logical thing to do would be to build a high speed rail.  What sort of crazy upside down land world has this turned into?  People are leaving tax intensive states like CA, NJ, NY in waves so the only logical thing to do is….not reduce taxes to incentivize business…not to reform welfare programs which have grown out of control…not de-unionize highway programs to save taxpayer money, but instead….build a high speed rail financed with debt that will eventually need to be paid back by the country as a whole.

For the next few elections, if you yourself have a brain and a thought in it, or if you know someone that has a brain and a thought inside it, please urge them to get to the voting booths.  We have gone too long with dolts electing the people who make decisions for this country.