Artificial intelligence to debunk AGW?

I was reading news like I tend to do and found this story.  It is a NY times piece about a computer with artificial intelligence.  It’s pretty neat; it can create a hypothesis, test it, and replicate the results.  This is a big step forward. According to the story this computer can do the following:

Using artificial intelligence, it came up with a hypothesis about genes in baker’s yeast and the enzymes produced by the genes. It then designed and ran experiments to test its hypothesis. Using the results, it revised its hypothesis and ran more experiments before arriving at its conclusions.

Face it folks that’s pretty wild and wacky stuff.

Other stories about this technology mentions that these computers could help model, and create theories on climate change.  I immediately thought, “would the computers have some sort of pro-AGW  variable plugged in that would make the computer consistently create doomsday scenarios ala Mr. Power Point Slide show himself?”  The Old Gray Whore, excuse me that slipped out, quotes a scientist as saying..

“One of the biggest problems in science today is moving forward and finding the underlying principles in areas where there’s lots and lots of data but where there are theoretical gaps,” said Hod Lipson, a professor of computer and information science at Cornell and an author of the Science paper. “I think this is going to be an important tool.”

Lots and lots of data and theoretical gaps, that’s seems to apply to global warming pretty accurately.  They can’t even take into account total global precipitation, and numerous other factors that make doomsday models dubious at best.  If these computers are unleashed unbiased to tackle the “problem” of global warming will they come up with the solution we all believe to be true?  That maybe natural cycles account for variations in global climate and that regardless of what we here on earth do, were going to be just fine.  But if the computer does come to that conclusion the story and project will likely be spiked.  Just like “big oil” killed the electric car, Big Obama will kill Anthropogenic-global-warming-disproving-artificial-intelligence-computer.