The Conservative Environmentalist

Much fanfare was made by loony lefties over the weekend about the Earth Hour or whatever the hell they called the attempted manmade blackout. Other noise was being made on the right, and it was just as ridiculous.  Rush Limbaugh is the perfect example of this.  In response to the earth hour event, Rush encouraged people to turn on ALL of their lights inside and out.  This would serve the purpose of essentially saying “look it doesn’t matter who has their lights on off or dimmed the world is gonna be just fine”.  Now I would have no problem at all if anyone encouraged others to do this, or did it themselves, but my question to those who followed Rush’s suggestion is, what was the point?  

Those of conservative/libertarian leaning pride themselves on being rational and logical, not letting emotions determine their actions.  That being said, turning on all your lights to make a point to enviro-nuts is worthless for several reasons.

1.       Thankfully most people don’t buy into this BS. So with all of your lights on at night you might just look like any other house on the block or apartment in the building.  Maybe you’re just extra concerned with security, and never really turn many of your lights off.  Driving down a block of lit and unlit houses one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the enviro-nuts, the liberal who is to cowardly to go totally dark at to earn his green peace street cred, the deadbeat who hasn’t paid the electric company, or the conservative whose on vacation and is therefore only using a few lights on timers to give the effect of being home (yea we’re smart like that).

2.       Letting the actions of crazies determine what you do is never a good idea. Just because the whackos want you to turn your lights off during a certain hour, doesn’t mean you should keep them on in that hour.  During Earth Hour many of my lights were off, the outside lights were off, the inside was dark because I was watching a movie, but this was because I wanted them to be.  Also I have this funny habit of turning lights off that I don’t need to be ON, this tends to save me money on light bulbs and makes the number lower on my electric bill.  I keep my house mostly dark, most of the time, because that’s what makes sense.  I don’t do this because it makes Al Gore get a thrill up his leg, I do it because it saves me MONEY (Money is the root of all environmentalism?).

3.       It makes you look dumb.  I am sorry, but it does. For your response to Earth Hour to be jumping up and down and saying, “Well I’ll turn all my lights ON” is akin to holding your breath until mom gets you the Twix at the checkout line  (And on top of the appearance of immaturity/irrationality no one will know you’re doing it, see point 1).

This is by no means an attack on Rush, there is no way I could reiterate that enough, I have been a paying member of his 24/7 service to get his podcast for going on 3 years, I believe.  What this is, however, is an appeal to rationality.  This event gives everyone a perfect chance to explain why environmentalism doesn’t need to be based in insanity.  You can wipe with as much TP you want, use what kind of light bulbs you want, turn on and off the lights when you want, and still be doing your part at helping maintain the planet.  Many things that your grandfather would have told you to do to save money are things enviro-Nazis will tell you to do to save mother Gaia