How is the government not a gang?

I know I am not the first and I am sure I will not be the last person to compare our government to the Mafia.  The fact is the government offers us “protection” in the form of creating a comfortable society for us to live in.  Roads are maintained, airports are set up and maintained, public schools, health care, the military keeps us safe, and on and on.  These are all the supposed benefits we receive from the government.  
Unfortunately there is no option.  Everyone is expected to support and pay for the operations of the government we live under (if your above a certain income level that is), while not everyone benefits equally from the government they are paying for.  In fact it is most likely true that those who support the government the most, benefit the least from its services.  That is the person who is living life on the up and up, the person who took out the appropriately sized mortgage, contributed to their 401k (because any one with sense knows social security is a joke), paid their taxes on time then waited obediently for their tax return.  This person is now saddled with even more of the burden with current plans to increase all sorts of taxes, decrease deductions, and regulate businesses that create jobs into oblivion.  This is what years of responsible living get you when your “rulers” are corrupt gangsters.  
Just like in the Goodfellas when they talk about their “business relationships” regardless of how the business was doing the response was always the same “F*CK YOU PAY ME!”, until they couldn’t pay anymore so the only option left was to torch the place for the insurance money.  We are about to see the equivalent of this happen to people all across America.  
These new taxes, bailouts, stimulus plans, and especially cap and trade schemes are going to destroy the economy all the while demanding more money from its citizens to perpetuate the destruction.  When utility bills increase by 50 percent or more some families will inevitably be unable to pay, having then to go on the dole.  I am sure that within a very short time the effects of cap and trade will force the creation of a new type of welfare to subsidize the energy bills of those who cant afford the new higher rates.  
There is a growing discomfort with all of this, you can see it in the forums of blogs on both sides of the aisle.  The best thing about the Obama presidency is that more than ever people are paying attention to a politician who promised them the moon, and they are going to be let down….HARD.  All the upper-middle class yuppies who supported him will start scratching their heads when they lose their jobs, their energy bills go up, and inflation is running wild.  
The good thing is though, you have no choice.  Unless you want to go to jail your supporting this nonsense just like me and millions of other Americans.  When your explaining to your grandchildren or children why you mortgaged their future, you can always tell them, “Well we didn’t have much of a choice, when we protested or questioned them all they said was ‘F*CK YOU PAY ME'”