A Great Leader Has Fallen

My first memory of Margaret Thatcher came during the Falklands War. I was in junior high school — but I remember watching Prime Minister Thatcher on television.

She was defiant, resolute — confident that she was on the side of right.THATCHER

Her friendship with Ronald Reagan made them an unstoppable force. Together took on the unions and brought down Communism. She delivered on her promise to roll back the frontiers of socialism and return power to the people.

They called her the Iron Lady — a name forged from mutual fear and respect.

Baroness Thatcher passed on to Glory today. She was 87.

Great Britain’s first female prime minister — a friend to America — an inspiration to a new generation of young conservatives.

The Iron Lady once said her epithet should read that what she did — was restore Britain.

They just don’t make leaders like that any more.

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