Google Honors Chavez, Not Jesus

By Todd Starnes

Christians across the nation were expressing outraged after Google decided to honor labor leader Cesar Chavez’s birthday instead of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday — accusing the web giant of being anti-Christian.

The web search engine typically redesigns its logo to commemorate major holidays with a special “doodle.” The Easter Sunday “doodle” features an image of Chavez inside the Google graphic — instead of artwork honoring Easter.

“Nothing against Chavez, but what the heck?” wrote noted columnist Rod Dreher for The American Conservative. “Chavez, who was a devout Catholic, probably would have been bewildered as well.”

Dreher suggested that Google’s decision to observe something other than Easter on Easter Sunday is deliberate.

“It’s a small thing, of course, but this kind of thing, accumulated, signals an intentional de-Christianization of our culture, and the creation of an intentional hostility to Christianity that will eventually cease to be latent, or minor,” he wrote. “It cannot have been an accident that Google decided to honor a relatively obscure cultural figure instead of observing the most important Christian holiday, a day of enormous importance to an overwhelming number of people in the United States, and to an enormous number of people around the world.”


President Obama proclaimed March 31st ‘Cesar Chavez Day.’

“I call upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Cesar Chavez’s enduring legacy,” he declared in a statement last week.

Google’s decision left a bad impression on many Christians across the country – marking the holiest day on the Christian calendar.

“Their recognition of Chavez on Easter day is a clear slap at Christianity,” one reader wrote at ToddStarnes.com. “I’ll be using a different search engine from now on.”

“Google has never done anything to commemorate Easter,” another reader wrote. “In years past they have just ignored the day all together. It is a reflection of their secular philosophy.”

Hundreds are calling for a boycott.

“Goodbye Google, hello Bing,” one reader wrote.

Still others said it was important to put the Google slight into perspective.

“It’s sickening,” a reader wrote. “But to those who believe, it’s still a Beautiful Holy Day.”

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