We need New Leadership!

If someone was the CEO of a company who posted such losses in four straight years of action they would be immediately replaced. So, why are we willing to be saddled with the failed leadership of Congressman Boehner and Senator McConnell?

Now, I understand that outside events controlled the political scene, especially in 2008, and that this was largely out of their control, but it does not remove the fact that they were our leaders during the past two election and have overseen major losses in the House and Senate. In 2006 and 2008 we have lost the ability to articulate a coherent political philosophy to the American public and our leaders are largely to blame for this inability.

Another fact that we have to face is that the Republican bid for POTUS in 2008 was not driven by this political philosophy. It was driven by Senator McCain based upon Senator McCain and his personality. He lacked the ability or the willingness to form a coherent and steady vision of conservatism and present it to the American public. All he presented was himself and his maverick style. Again, I understand that most likely he was the only candidate we could have presented to combat the Obamamania, but his campaign does little to advance a future for the party and it did nothing in helping lower tier Republican candidates nationwide. We should, and I hope we will, avoid this mistake. This is coming from someone who has supported McCain for President since 2000. It is a tough pill to swallow, but go down it must.

I’m happy to see that according to all accounts Congressman Eric Cantor will ascend to the post of Minority Whip in the House, and I am especially pleased to see Congressman Roy Blunt have the character to step down after the losses suffered in the last two elections. At least someone accepts accountability for their leadership. I cannot say the same for Congressman Boehner or Senator McConnell. I am disappointed to see them attempt to cling to leadership positions, and I am especially disheartened to see Republicans are largely willing to allow them to remain in such posts. I’m willing to give Senator Kyl a free pass as he has only been Senate Minority Whip, I believe, since 2007.

We need new leadership! We need fresh faces representing the future of the Republican Party to step up and take control of the party, to form, or reform, a conservative philosophy on foreign, economic, and social affairs. Our party and movement is built upon the three pillars of strong foreign policy, economic libertarianism, and social conservatism, and it is time for new leaders to assume the mantle of leadership and articulate this vision and these policies to the American public. We do not need more of the same. We need something new, nay, we deserve something new. We sat by and allowed our leaders opportunity after opportunity to succeed and they have failed us. We cannot allow them to continue to take us down the road to a longterm minority. We must not! Our nation means too much to allow it to slumber in the darkness of liberalism.

If Congressman Boehner and Senator McConnell had an ounce of fortitude and class they would resign immediately. If they prove, as they seem to be doing, of lacking such necessary qualities then we should demand their removal immediately.

Like I said, I am happy to see Congressman Cantor as the most likely choice for House Minority Whip. For the Majority Leader position I would like to float a few names who I feel possess the necessary qualities of leadership, the ability to take on Speaker Pelosi and an expanded Democrat majority, as well as the ability to articulate a conservative message to the American public. I would like to see either Congressman Paul Ryan or Congressman Jack Kingston take over the post of House Minority Leader, with my preference for Congressman Kingston. Congressman Kingston is a pitbull and a staunch conservative, intelligent and, best of all, possesses the ability and necessary charisma to set a conservative agenda and present it to the American people. I also believe that Congressman Kingston possesses the most ability to combat Speaker Pelosi and the liberal agenda especially considering the relative weakness of the minority party in the House.

In the Senate I would prefer either Senator Tom Coburn or Senator Jim DeMint take over the position of Senate Minority Leader from Senator McConnell, with my preference for Senator Coburn. Again, he is a strong conservative who sticks to his guns and represents the best of the Republican Party, as well as those principles from which many Republicans drifted away in the last ten years or so.

New Leadership Now! I would like to see this and I truly believe that Congressman Kingston and Cantor, as well as Senators Coburn and Kyl best represent the necessary qualities and abilities we need to take us to victory in 2010.