Lead McCain! Be a Leader and Stop the Mother of All Bailouts!

I have to say that I am disappointed with Senator McCain.

This is hard to say. I’ve detailed previously how it was McCain in 2000 that brought me out of the dark depths of liberalism into embracing conservatism. His maverick style was so appealing at the time and though I’ve moved to the right of him politically I have always admired the man.

When he entered the 2008 race I immediately jumped on the wagon and became a McCainiac. I supported his candidacy from day one. I would have enthusiastically supported Romney. Hell, I would even have supported Huckabee and Giuliani, but McCain was my guy. From day one he was my guy.

Now, I’m disappointed. McCain is disappointing me by embracing the Mother of All Bailouts. He disappoints me by supporting the slow, steady rise of government interventionism in free markets.

Senator McCain, this is socialism. This is the government takeover of private enterprise. This is the nanny state run amok. And you are supporting it! You are supporting increasing the national debt by nearly a trillion dollars overnight! You are supporting the death of capitalism and free markets!

McCain tells us that he is free trade. McCain tells us that he is for free markets. He tells us that he was a footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution. Senator McCain, where the hell do you think Reagan would stand on this? You say that Barry Goldwater was a mentor and an influence on you politically. Where the hell do you think Goldwater would stand on this? How can you be in favor of free markets and support blind f*ing socialism? THIS IS SOCIALISM!!!

McCain could lead us. He could lead the American people by opposing the Mother of All Bailouts. He could grab the Republican Party by the nosehairs and remind them that we believe in free markets, individual responsibility, and the absence of government in the business sector. Reagan once said that government is not the solution, but the problem, but here we see McCain and other Republican leaders, including President Bush, supporting government interventionism on a scale that is plain frightening.

Where does it end? When gas prices go higher and higher do we then nationalize oil companies and energy? When banks fail do we then nationalize the banking industry and institute a brand new national bank? Do we nationalize health insurance companies? Where does it end? Once you give the government a foot it will take a mile. It will never, ever relinquish control ever again.

What better way for McCain to separate himself from the Bush administration and congressional Democrats than by opposing this Mother of All Bailouts and all other bailouts. If it fails then we are safe from the government. If it still succeeds then he and congressional Republicans could then go straight to the American people and explain to them how Democrats saddled this country with a trillion more dollars in debt.

Stop playing nice! Stop pandering to the American people and trying to ease their fears by bringing the false security of the nanny state! Be a leader and not another lemming jumping off the cliff into the abyss. Lead!

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