The Rise of the Goody-Knowbodies and How to Defeat Them

This is mine own first diary written by mine own hand. Take it as thou wilt.

As time passes it becomes more and more apparent that there is a continual erosion of Tradition or of those things that were true in the past, are true now, and will be true in the future no matter how much the goody-knowbodies would like one to believe otherwise. In an effort to appear modern and enlightened these goody-knowbodies are destroying the traditions that have held true for countless ages. They say that they are so wise and that to believe in these traditions is a mark of idiocy or guilt by anachronism, but it is they who are truly in error, but they cannot see this being so blinded by their own enlightenment.

Of course, this is all ridiculous, but the goody-knowbodies have managed to convince large numbers of people to follow in their ways. They have convinced these people that there are no heroes in the past because they are all guilty of some modern definition of morality or ethics that was not predominant until much later and, therefore, they should have realized the error of their ancient ways and have followed future notions of future goody-knowbodies.

They have even managed to affect the ways in which children are raised and are therefore able to indoctrinate at an early age their notions of political correctness and intelligence. Can you believe that children are actually taught that competition should be frowned upon and that parents who teach their children about the existence in Santa Claus are committing emotional abuse and perpetuating a grand lie to deceive them, or that all authority should be questioned and resisted and that it is ridiculous to show allegiance to or pride in one’s own birth nation? Self reliance, discipline, patriotism, faith, ambition, these are all anachronisms to the goody-knowbodies and should be resisted most vigorously. This in and of itself should prove that to listen to the goody-knowbodies is akin to heeding the advice and wisdom of the local village idiot. For it is a fact that those who often have the least to say are the loudest in saying it.

Traditions are true because they have stood the test of time, through countless epochs and ages of man they have weathered and been tested by the words and actions of countless men and women and have, through it all, remained true and remained strong. They have benefited mankind in countless ways and have done more to strengthen mankind than any of the false wisdom and empty words of the goody-knowbodies. For it is another fact that every age of man has found goody-knowbodies who believed that their wisdom was the most advanced and intelligent of all the wisdom of the past, present and future, and it is true that they are as quickly forgotten once it is seen that their wisdom is anything but wise. Goody-knowbodies, though, have short memories and have forgotten the examples set by the goody-knowbodies in the past. Goody-knowbodies fear the past for it is in the past that their soul is laid bare.

What is a goody-knowbody? Well, the name itself should make that clear. They are individuals, existing in a collectivist mindset, who believe that they are better than everyone else around them and, beyond even that, continually tell you that they are better than you, or more cultured than you, or even more intelligent than you, and this superiority complex can be manifested both overtly and covertly depending upon the temperament, or madness, of the particular goody-knowbody. Goody-knowbodies also believe, quite sincerely, that they know everything and that no matter what their beliefs and opinions are always, always correct, and they are quite obstinate in this blind faith even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Not only that but they are quite free with unwanted advice in every aspect of your own life and this advice is usually accompanied by the downward tilt of the eyebrow and intermittent spasm of the forefinger up and down. Woe! be to the one who ignores such advice for the goody-knowbody has many allies and is quite willing to bring in cold, distant, monolithic outside forces to bear upon their behalf. In essence, they are self-righteous know-it-alls who, in fact, know nothing-at-all.

We already stated that goody-knowbodies fear the past, but why is that? Goody-knowbodies fear the past because when one looks to the past one can see the futility of the goody-knowbody, one can see the constant progress of mankind propelled not by the goody-knowbodies but by the tried and true traditions of much more sane and intelligent individuals. Goody-knowbodies have from time immemorial said to “Eat this!” and “Walk like this!” and “Speak like this!” creating such a riotous cacophony that if one actually heeded their advice they would find that they are in fact speaking incoherently and walking around in a perpetual circle with a bellyache. They also fear the past because it is plain to see that those traditions are true and are beneficial to mankind because history itself is a testament to them. Only the goody-knowbodies can blind themselves to these facts, but others can see this with a simple, discerning eye.

What are these traditions and why do the goody-knowbodies hate and fear them so much? I will not state every single tradition under assault from the Charge of the Dodo Brigade, but will instead focus on the big three. Self reliance. Goody-knowbodies hate self-reliance because they, in fact, do not believe in the simple axiom of individual freedom. Do not forget that the natural habitat of the goody-knowbody is a collectivist habitat, mostly situated in the northeast and far west, and they desire nothing more than the eradication of the individual and the supremacy of the state. Why is this? Simple answer: if we all have individual freedom then we are free to dismiss the goody-knowbodies, but if we do not have individual freedom and are subordinate to the state then we are subordinate to the goody-knowbodies for it is a fact that the state is built upon the foundation of goody-knowbodies from the present to the dawn of civilization.

Patriotism. Now, dear reader, do not confuse patriotism with the aforementioned goody-knowbody love for individual subordination to the state. While patriotism does involve love and pride in one’s nation it has a more esoteric quality that transcends simple fidelity to the mechanisms of oppression typically offered by the nanny state. Patriotism is a quality greatly hated for the goody-knowbody because it strikes at another core belief of theirs: the constant need to fix and tinker with devices that work just fine. The goody-knowbody cannot stand the idea of a state that exists solely to stand out of the individual’s path to freedom and prosperity, but instead they apply their legal wrenches and activist hammers to the very relationship of state to individual. They patter incessantly of how wrong the nation is, how it is constantly on the wrong path (if this country were always on the wrong path as much as the goody-knowbodies would have you believe then we would in fact be moving backward so fast that we’ll soon find ourselves toppling over the cliffs at the end of the world!), how this and that need to be fixed. It is interesting to see that no matter how many times goody-knowbodies seek to fix this and that, that this and that is always still in need of repair. Goody-knowbodies hate patriotism because deep down they know that the patriotic individual is one that would be an obstacle to the ever constant need to progress because the patriotic individual knows that this great nation is right and true and is in no dire need of fixin’, therefore the goody-knowbody attempts to create a disconnect between the individual and the nation by focusing on the supposed evils and ills that plague the nation. They know that that which is ill is in need of medicine and they are only too willing to offer their own concoctions.

Faith. Above all, goody-knowbodies despise faith in God and faith in the United States. Why is this? Why would anyone, even goody-knowbodies, wish to eradicate faith? Faith in God and country is anathema to goody-knowbodies because faith in God prevents the individual from falling prey to the temptation of faith in state, and faith in God prevents the individual of accepting the particular moral compass the goody-knowbodies would wish us all to accept, or the particular collectivism that goody-knowbodies believe is essential to the progress of this nation. Goody-knowbodies want one mind, subordinate to the state, because one mind is easier to control than millions of individual minds. Traditional values are firmly rooted in faith, from the culture of life to the traditional human definition of marriage. Faith in God prevents faith in state. Also, goody-knowbodies want us all to listen to them and faith in God causes the individual to listen to that still, small voice deep within to guide them on matters of the heart and mind and not to the brazen, incessant braying of the goody-knowbody. So the goody-knowbody uses science, skepticism, and sneering contempt to browbeat sincere individuals into being embarrassed in their faith in God, or at least unwilling to speak for fear of being branded a fool. Know this, it is the goody-knowbody who is the fool. Goody-knowbodies are hard at work on the foundations of a new Tower of Babel, an organism devoted to multiculturalism, collectivism, and immorality. Goody-knowbodies want a new moral compass dominated by their voice and subordinate to the state.

These are but a few examples of the traditions that are under perpetual attack by the goody-knowbody machine. So, how do we fight this? How does the intelligent individual emerge from this war in victory? They do it by holding steadfast and true to those traditions that are right now, were right in the past, and will always be right even in the future. They do it by standing together as brothers in arms and stating quite clearly, “I love my God, I love my country, I love my individuality. Get your hands off my children, off my wallet, off my property. Get thee hence you purveyors of immorality. Leave me alone!” Three words can be the rallying cry against the goody-knowbody assault: Individuality, Freedom, Tradition.

Individuality. Stand and fight for the individual right to make one’s own decisions that directly impact one’s family and one’s self. Stand and fight for the right to control your own finances, your own livelihood, and your own faith. Freedom. Stand for the right for people around the world to determine their own fates, to vote their own conscience, and to believe in what they want to believe without goody-knowbody interference. Tradition. Most of all, stand steadfast to that which has been tried and true and which will foster generations for a better world in the future. Goody-knowbodies despise the discerning mind and the individual willing to think for themselves and take care of themselves.

Leave me alone!