I guess I just don't get it

You know, I see and hear all they hype Obama is getting, and I am still very confused as to why anyone in their right mind could ever support the socialism he promotes. I’ll be honest with you, my fellow Conservatives, I’m no huge fan of John McCain, but the thought of Barack Obama as POTUS scares me to death. We Conservatives need to stand up, we are on the offensive here, Obama is on the ropes, we just have to finish the job. The nomination of Sarah Palin for VP I think should seal the deal for many Conservatives. I think it would be so ironic if the first woman VP, or even President, was a Conservative Republican.

For some reason, those on the left do not allow themselves to think. I do A LOT of thinking, I know what’s important, raising taxes on the rich, and promoting infanticide would be disastrous in my view. There is no substance to Obama, 143 days in the Senate, coupled with being a “community organizer” qualifies someone to be President? John McCain fought proudly for our country in Vietnam, it’s a miracle that he came out of the POW camp he was in alive. The thought of fighting for our country seems to disgust many liberals. Many of them think that we humans are causing the earth to warm, which is in itself an arrogant assumption. God created this planet with the ability to heal itself. Man is a very small element of the planet, sure there are 6 billion people on the planet, but we are only as big as the space we take up, we can’t look down on earth as most liberals would have us think.It’s so blatantly obvious that we couldn’t destroy the planet if we tried. Now, don’t misunderstand me here, (as I have found out how easily misunderstood I can be from a previous post, which I will address momentarily), I believe we should be good stewards of our planet, we are just sojourners here, but we are charged by God Himself to take care of it, and that is something that we should all practice. Funny, I haven’t found the scripture in which God has commanded us to properly inflate our tires and get regular tune-ups to save gas. There are a laundry list of problems that liberals try and force upon us all, when if they would just think about things a little bit, they would realize that the things they propose would damage our nation very seriously. It’s truly sad, just tonight, I heard on the radio that the Democrats want to cut taxes on the lower and middle classes, and in order to have the revenue to do that, they said we need to raise taxes on the upper class. Funny, nobody said anything about cutting spending, or unnecessary earmarks, but their answer to everything is to raise taxes, and not to create revenue, to control us because they look upon us with total disdain. How Marxist.

In closing, I would like to say that I pray I’m not misunderstood as I was in my last posting. I was incorrectly labeled as “bashing” Mormons, which I did nothing of the sort, I was called a troll, which I don’t understand, as I do not live under a bridge, I even received an empty threat of being banned. I want everyone to realize, what I say is what I say, it comes directly out of my heart. God leads me to speak up for him, and I think it was truly sad that I would receive such comments on one of my favorite Conservative sites. I don’t post here to offend, or hurt peoples feelings, I am not like that. I will not lie, however, or cover up the truth in any way. Everyone needs to understand that I am not an American, or a Conservative first, I am a Christian first, then every other priority falls into its proper place in life. That is just reality, and the reality is this: No matter how this post is received, I will be at the polls in November to do my part in furthering Conservatism, and the Conservative cause. Now is the time to stand up to Democrats and take them out!!