Dear Congress, Your Bosses Are Calling And They Are Pissed.

Dear Members of Congress,

Please remember you are NOT at the top of the org chart, WE THE PEOPLE are at the top.  You are not there to dictate to us, you are there to serve on our behalf.  You are there at the people’s will.  You are there because enough people in your districts and states believed in you enough to elect you. When you take an arrogant attitude with your constituents, become condescending, think that we can’t understand or are ignorant, belittle our beliefs, chastise us for our values, you lose your base.

When you play to the middle and acquiesce to the democrats false premises you look weak.  When you care more about what your friends in DC think than what your voters back home think you have lost touch.  When you follow leadership in DC rather than the leaders in your district (in politics and business) you have abandoned your supporters.  When you accept false liberal premises as the gospel rather than promoting your parties principles and platform you have lost your way and become as brainwashed.

When you care more about what the liberal media in DC thinks than you do your volunteers that helped elect you to office in the first place, you have betrayed their hard work. When you take money, time, and reputations of the people who supported you, volunteered for you, fundraised for you, and voted for you and then ignore them or worse, look down your noses at them, you have become an elitist.

If you believe we are radical, extreme, fringe or “wacko birds” think again. We are simply tired of your antics. We do not want to fight you, we want to fight the destructive laws that the government has foisted on us via over taxation, onerous regulations, and legislation that cripples our industry and economy.  And don’t get us started on the Executive Orders or court rulings that erode our rights and your powers year after year.  You took an oath of office, we expect you to keep it.

If you don’t want us paranoid of the NSA, TSA, IRS or any other government agency, stop allowing them to target innocent Americans and demand that they stop!  Follow the Constitution and rule of law, demand all government agencies also comply.  And when they don’t, do something about it.  Stop worrying about your next election and start worrying about our rights.  We are tired of the ruling class and bureaucratic nightmare you call D.C.

If you are worried about elections in 2014, go back to your base. Spend more time in your district. Talk to more people at home than you do at a DC cocktail party. Respect your constituents’ opinions, positions, and ideas – even when you don’t agree.  We may not always be “right” or want the same things, however the more you show us that you value our opinions the less you have to worry about being primaried for those “off” votes. However, your “off” votes should be few and far between and never on the big ticket items.

We do not want to be at war with you.  We want to be on the same side fighting socialism, progressive policies, and people who wish to destroy what it has taken generations to build.  We have better things to do than watch over your shoulders day in and day out, however we have found most of you can not be trusted left to your own devices.  We will hold you accountable, that is our duty.

We are here for you, we are willing to put time, blood, sweat, tears, and funds into getting you elected.  We are willing to be team players, and we can agree to disagree from time to time or try things your way if we are convinced you have our best interests in mind.  We are willing to fight for you, are you willing to fight for us?

Thank you,
Your Constituents.

If you think we are wrong for speaking out against your position or do not understand your position: You. Have. Failed. You have failed in messaging, you have failed at explaining your ideas, you have failed at leading. It’s not because we are ignorant, or don’t have the mental capacity to understand.  It just might be because you are not doing a good job of selling your ideas, plans, or objectives. OR maybe it’s because your ideas/thoughts/opinions/plans are so far afield of your base we aren’t on the same playing field anymore. If that is the case, maybe it’s time we reevaluate your employment.