Water Cooler 7/15/16 - Open Thread - Pokémon go away, Election day poll, Trump/Pence bromance

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Pokémon, just go

As a gamer of sorts, this pains me to say, but Pokémon Go needs to just go away.  For those that don’t know, crawl out of your cave, squint at the sunlight and open your eyes to the zombies wandering aimlessly… everywhere.  The game requires players to walk around in the real world and “catch” cartoon characters on their phones.  What could go wrong? Well, for starters, it’s dangerous.

Zombie stabbed but refuses treatment to continue zombification

2 people fall over a cliff while zombified

Zombie crashes car in tree while another gets hit by a car

Zombies trip, slip, burn and develop rash while lumbering

Whether walking into trees, crashing into trees, falling off skateboards or off a cliff, nothing is stopping them. That’s why I call them zombies. And the game can’t even be played everywhere yet. Soon more countries will be giving aid to their own zombies.  I’m not really concerned that much about the safety of the zombies.  They think they’re indestructible. I’m more concerned about those NOT playing the game who end up hurt, or worse, because a zombie ran their car into an unsuspecting human. Or because a human swerved to avoid a zombie and accidentally hit someone else.  I will leave it to you to imagine what injuries and problems will most likely occur as more zombies are created daily. This is the zombie apocalypse you’ve heard so much about.

 Informal, not-scientific, completely useless poll

A) Do you plan on watching any of the convention?

B) Have you firmed up your election day plans? What are they?

  1. Learning to whittle
  2. Cataloguing the dates and condition of all the change in my penny jar. And my neighbor’s.
  3. Pokemoaning (being in pain and uttering sounds in the ER after you run into something*)
  4. Root canal
  5. Joining the Peace Corps ( it’s two years of hard work in unbearable conditions, but its better than what we’re about to experience here)

 What friends are for

We’ve all gotten sucked into this election cycle. Who am I kidding,  we always get sucked into every election cycle. But this year it was bad.  Here’s a good thing you can do. Pass on the information to friends and relatives about the Red State Gathering. They may not visit RedState and so wouldn’t know about the speakers and workshops. If they’re as disillusioned as other conservatives they’ll appreciate the camaraderie with like-minded folk. If you can come, great. But definitely pass it on to someone who doesn’t know about Redstate.

He loves him, he loves him not

Not too sure about the Trump – Pence Bromance.  Dana Bash has some info out that Donald Trump may have been second guessing his choice for VP. Here’s The Hill:

“Around midnight last night … Donald Trump was on the phone with senior advisors trying to get out of this,” she said.

“This is after he offered the job to Mike Pence, and they flew him to New York, and they had him sitting in a hotel room in Manhattan thinking he is going to be the vice presidential pick and he just basically dumped his own plans for reelection in Indiana as governor,” Bash added.

Well, he bought him so he’s stuck with him.

Today is wonderful because today we celebrate I Love Horses Day. If nothing else, put one up on your screensaver. FTR, if you don’t like horses you can celebrate Gummi worms.

Cooler’s filled! The rest is up to you. Stuff the bottom full of whatever is on your mind. The Water Cooler is always an OPEN THREAD.


* Yes, it’s a made up word.

** all emphasis mine