Water Cooler 5/2/16 OPEN THREAD - Ohio seeks its governor, Indiana is not the end, Cruising for cigars


 One more time, with feeling

Perhaps you saw several stories this week proclaiming Indiana to be Ted Cruz’s firewall. Not so, say’s Cruz. The Hill says Chris Wallace asked him about it and Cruz gave the same answer he’s given for many months now:

If you don’t win in Indiana under these circumstances, is this race over?” asked “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

Of course not,” Cruz said. “It’s going to be a battle to see who can earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people at the convention. And the reason Donald is so frantic to say the race is over … is because Donald knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people.”

Cigars off the starboard bow

By the time you read this about 700  people will have descended on Cuba.  Carnival’s Fathom cruise line is the first US cruise ship to make its way to the island in decades.  The cruise is suppose to last a week and stop in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Here’s a nice wrap up from CNN on protests that broke out as well as some of the passengers aboard the ship and what they will enjoy most from their visit. Several mentioned cigars, including retiree Carl Harbour:
 “When I got old enough I acquired a taste for Cuban cigars so I have come to appreciate Castro trying to help the common people all these years,” he said.”
Hmmm? Wait – because this guy likes Cuban cigars he thinks Castro is trying to help people? Apparently so. Harbour offers more insight into the communist dictator.
I don’t think he is one of these dictators who keeps his money stocked away in some Swiss bank account. I think he really wanted to help the people and improve the life of the common people of Cuba.”

 Ohioans want their Governor back

Seems people in Ohio have had enough of their governor running around the country and want him back at home doing governor stuff.  PPP did a poll in Ohio and found 49% of respondents want John Kasich to drop his presidential run while 38% think he should keep on going.
“Part of the problem for Kasich is that voters feel he’s neglecting his duties as Governor. Only 31% think he’s paying enough attention to his current job, compared to 49% who think the Presidential bid has caused him to pay insufficient attention to his Gubernatorial duties.”
And it’s not just neglecting his duties that worries people. There’s the matter of taxpayer money, too.
“One thing voters are particularly unhappy about is having to foot the bill for Kasich’s security detail- 66% of voters in the state say they oppose the more than $450,000 of taxpayer money that’s gone to pay for his security on the campaign trail, to only 22% who are ok with that expenditure. “


  • Indiana governor Mike Pence wrote a nice, decent length opinion piece for the IndyStar entitled Why I will vote for Ted Cruz.  Lots of inches. Real good words.  And he managed to do it without mentioning Donald Trump.
  • Maybe there’s something in the air but fights are breaking out all over. After the White House Correspondence dinner Saturday punches were thrown between Fox correspondent Jesse Watters and Huffpo’s  DC bureau chief Ryan Grim.  Something happened back in 2009 and it still grated with one of the men/boys. Here’s the story from Chicago Trib.
  • In 1886 May 1 was declared “International Workers’ Day” by the International Socialist Conference after protests in Chicago’s Haymarket Square. Yesterday, it was marked by protesters tossing molotov cocktails at police in Seattle.  (FTR, “Labor Day” became an American Federal holiday in 1894. It recognizers workers and is traditionally observed by grilling burgers and the cocktail of choice is usually beer.)
  • Now we officially know the creator of Bitcoin.  His name is Craig Wright and he resides in Australia. Since Bitcoin has no central authority like a government or bank, criminals have flocked to it. Wright plans to release  research so people “understand the potential of Bitcoin.”  (I’m a TECH SLOTH.  I own a debit card, but still prefer cash or checks. So, still unsure about this coin thing that has no oversight.)

Today is (brace yourself) – International Scurvy Awareness Day.  Woo Hoo! To prevent scurvy eat more fruit. Scurvy causes everything from bleeding gums to rashes. There’s even a scholarship for the college bound. And if that’s not enough to entice you to click, the site has a page devoted to lots of cats with fruit on their heads.

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