Water Cooler 1/3/16 OPEN THREAD - Money, Money, and More Money


Poor Iowa:  It’s gotta be tough living in Iowa and owning a television right about now. There’s 29 days until Iowans go to caucus and that state is getting choked with tv ads.

We already know through excellent coverage that a [mc_name name=”Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001098″ ] Super PAC is buying $2.1 million in ads.

A super PAC is spending half a million dollars  for[mc_name name=”Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”P000603″ ].

For Donald Trump the exact amount for Iowa is still vague, but he says he expects to spend $2 million a week between Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

PAC ads for Jeb Bush and [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] are currently running mostly against each other. Plus the lower tier candidates will be getting their names out there either through PACs or their own cash.

And then there are the unaffiliated organizations. These groups are tied more to an issue and focus their ad dollars on praising or pummeling candidates depending on where the candidate stands on the issue.

Granted, some of the money is for producing the spots, not just airing them. Still, after seeing the dollars involved and counting the candidates we have, oft money, hard money, then realizing these are just the Republican candidates….I’ve decided you couldn’t PAY ME ENOUGH to live in Iowa over the next month.

 Oregon Militia Standoff – In a nutshell. Dwight and Steven Hammond are two ranchers who were convicted of arson and set to go to a federal prison in California on Monday. Prosecutors said the fire burned 130 acres of leased federal land to coverup poaching. The father and son claim the fire was designed to stop invasive plants and also stave off potential wildfires. Yesterday a rally was held in support of the ranchers, but things escalated when an unknown number of armed supporters took over a  portion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building.  The militia said it wants the release of the ranchers and warns the occupation could go on for years.

Fight Club? –  An anti-violence demonstration at Newark City Hall this past week may not have produced the intended results.  Two groups organized the event which was designed to get Mayor Ras Baraka to implement his “Quality of Life” plan that’s suppose to curb violence. But Baraka supporters showed up and there were a few words exchanged. Next thing you know one man put his hands around another’s neck and pushed him to the ground. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing.

Me First –  Donald Trump is thumping Ted Cruz today, and we’ll just have to wait and see if Cruz thumps back.  Trump was on Face the Nation and said the senator was “copying” his call for a wall at the Mexican border. Trump also brought up other similarities about their plans   “And I’m the one that came up with it.”   No mention of [mc_name name=”Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”S001141″ ] who worked with Trump on his plan and who praised Cruz for standing by him in the Senate on illegal immigration issues.

For the Philatelists – A preview of 2016 stamps are up for viewing and even if the only thing you send is the occasional email, you’ll want to check these new stamps out.  Four new Star Trek designs, 20 different pets, four pickup truck designs, several religious themes, and even one commemorating the “Repeal of the Stamp Act 1776”. Remember your history? US Postal Service said:

“This issuance commemorates the 250th anniversary of the repeal of the Stamp Act, British legislation that galvanized and united the American colonies and set them on a path toward revolution.”

Dozens of others as well.  You’ll find something to like.

And that’s today’s Water Cooler:  Hope you found something you liked. As always its an Open Thread.  Which means we leave the pencils and crayons down below and you fill up the space with comments on something you saw here or something you found elsewhere. Not too hard, and there’s no worries about threadjacking. Enjoy.