The Conspiracy Against Trump and Your Candidate May Be Next

 The Wall Street Journal has news up of the latest group formed to bring down Donald Trump. At least I believe that’s what its about as the actual story is behind a paywall and I was only able to catch the gist of it thanks to The Hill.

Liz Mair, who use to work in communications with the RNC and was on Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign before he dropped out, has put together Trump Card LLC  whose purpose is to “to defeat and destroy Trump’s candidacy”.  Wow, that’s pretty specific.


A couple of other interesting lines from the Hill’s recap are that, “Mair described Trump Card LLC to the Journal as “loosely organized and highly confidential.”  and that “She said she hopes to lock up funds from donors who are interested in pushing back against Trump but don’t necessarily want their involvement to become publicly known.”

Ok, so we now we have a who and we know what, I’m kind of concerned about why? Club For Growth already made it clear they’re going after him.  Obviously if you’re a candidate either you or one of your PACs will run adds promoting yourself or knocking the other candidates.  That’s normal campaigning and to be expected.  Then there are groups which like to promote a candidate or run hit pieces on others because of an issue like the NRA for the 2nd Amendment. Or the Chamber of Commerce declaring war on conservative candidates because they want amnesty and support other legislation harming small business, like reauthorizing Ex-Im bank.

So why should another group with an agenda against a candidate bother me?  Especially if its not my candidate?  Well the article says there is “growing concern among Republicans that Trump’s bid for the GOP presidential nomination, which at first was considered a long-shot, has moved closer toward becoming a reality “.  In other words, people are really worried the guy could, at the very least, carry some of the early states. You’ll notice these groups don’t seem to care if  the other candidates were to split some of the early states but they really, really don’t want Trump to take one of the states.

All this reminds me of the Ron Paul 2012 Convention bruhaha involving Maine and delegates and rules changes. Google it, it wasn’t pretty. And, here again, I don’t know why I got upset since Ron Paul was not my candidate. But I’m sensing a pattern.  There was a large group who didn’t like Ron Paul. Or maybe they didn’t care if he ran for president, they just didn’t want him to receive recognition for his efforts.  I’m sensing the same thing here with Trump.  Again, why? The only thing that makes sense is these candidates upended the status quo. They weren’t just outsiders who developed a loyal following from within the Republican ranks.  They turned the party plan upside down and they are not imploding like they were suppose to.  So, they have to be taken out.  But these groups need to remember that when you anger followers during the primaries, they may not be in the voting booths to have your back in the general.

My worry is one day these “helpful to the cause” groups will go after a different outsider.  A candidate who doesn’t always run with the pack.  They’ll go after a candidate whom they believe can’t beat the democrat, even though their candidate hasn’t beat the democrat in the last two elections.

My worry is that one day they will come after my candidate.