Iowa Rep. Steve King Endorses Ted Cruz (Update) Another Name Jumps Onboard

This is a major endorsement for [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].

Here’s a bit of King speaking of why he made the endorsement from a press release on the Cruz website.

He has consistently and tirelessly fought on the issues that matter most to conservatives, such as Obamacare, religious liberty, life, and stopping Obama’s lawless executive actions. Cruz has a proven record of standing up to both Democrats and Republicans to put the American people first, and I believe he is the only one who can unite conservatives around his campaign and build the organization needed to beat Hillary Clinton.”

With more on King’s thoughts there’s this from The Politico.*  He seemed genuinely impressed with Dr. Carson, praised his intelligence, but noted,  “the zone of Washington, D.C. is not an area he’s familiar with.”

While not all who do well in Iowa go on to win the R nomination, a low showing in the polls there is not helpful down the road.  With so many conservative and center-right candidates seeking attention, there are a lot of voices for the voters to sift through and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate one candidate from another.  Rep King’s endorsement might just be a clinching factor for several caucus goers next year.

 UPDATE: FTR, I have no intention of listing all the endorsements coming out for Ted Cruz. There are too many and a Wikipedia site showing all endorsements for all candidates keeps a running total. However, this is fresh!!  Virginia Thomas, better known as “Ginni” Thomas has announced her endorsement of Senator Cruz.  The Cruz website lists that she “has served as a top congressional advisor, a senior political appointee at the U.S. Department of Labor, and a senior executive with The Heritage Foundation.”  She also has section with the Daily Caller where she profiles Republican/Conservative leaders.  And, although not mentioned in the press release, she is married to SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas.  if you’ve never heard of her, and most here have, suffice to say she has the conservative chops.

Now, will this bring in new droves of lookers to the Cruz campaign? It would be nice. But one thing’s for sure, I would say it adds an extra measure of legitimacy and depth. This is not a one or two state campaign by any stretch of the imagination.  Where some might question how long a few of the other candidates will remain on the trail,  that is not a question for this campaign.



* yeah, I know its Politico, but I’ve doubled checked and King really did endorse.