"God Told Me" He Wanted Ryan as Speaker - Boehner

I’m not sure what to make of this little story.  It comes to us via The Hill.  And when I say little story I’m talking sixteen lines so you’re not really cutting into Sunday football time to check it out.  The article, once again,  assures us that [mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ] had no desire whatsoever to be Speaker of the House.  Apparently Ryan had made this clear to everyone but Boehner was having none of it.

At this point, one would think Boehner would pull out the patriotic “Do it for your country” card, always a crowd pleaser and sure to get the other person to at least stop and give some thought to the idea. But no.

Or,  he could have gone with a dog-eared Party card.  “The GOP needs you to reign in the Freedom caucus”,  he could’ve said.  But no.  Instead, Boehner pulled out the biggest card one devout Catholic can pull on another. Oh yeah, he went there

“You have no choice. This is not about what you want to do, this is about what God wants you to do and God told me he wants you to do this,Boehner said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” recalling the conversation he had with the reluctant Ryan.

Over the years I’ve noticed several Presidential candidates refer to the fact God told them to run for the presidency.  It demonstrates a deep commitment to their faith. I generally only question it when several candidates who are running in the same year claim they got The Word to run.

And maybe it’s that skepticism that has me wondering if perhaps Boehner laid it on a little thick here. He could have just made a suggestion to Ryan that perhaps God wanted Ryan to run for Speaker and that he should think it over it, again. Instead Boehner doubled down with the “God told me to tell you this is what he wants” lecture.

Understand, I’m not making fun of Boehner or his religious conviction. The man was able to get the Pope to speak before our lawmakers which is a major feat.  And if Boehner felt God was telling him to go tell someone else that God wants that other person to run for something, then….well, then I guess we just have to believe him.  Here’s hoping God speaks directly to Ryan regarding House matters in the future. Sometimes its not the message I question, just the messenger.