BREAKING ---Perry Drops Out---

Saw it on my local news….apparently AP has it.   Hot Air picked it off a tweet. This is not a diary on his goodness or what might of been. I leave that for front page writers. Also did not want to break in on any 9/11 memorials. This is for those of you who have  gotten disgusted watching your local news channels, don’t watch them anymore,  and might have missed it.


EDIT:  Here is a quote from Perry obtained from TheHill

“As I approach the next chapter in life, I do so with the love of my life by my side, Anita Perry,” he continued. “We have our house in the country, we have two beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren, four dogs, and the best sunset from our front porch that you could ever imagine.”


Well, if that doesn’t say Texas nothing does.





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