New Candidate Alert! Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Welcome to the Jungle

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore said today he’s planning  a run for the White House.  So, at this point we need to hear from people who were in Virginia during the time Jim Gilmore was Governor.  We can wiki till our knees give out and discover he was Governor when 9/11 took place and so he has a more than passing interest in homeland security and all it entails. He doesn’t plan to make his “formal” announcement until August but this heads up from him is helpful.  Kind of like Scott Walker, it sort of bakes him into the cake early so to speak.

What is needed from Virginians is where does he fall in other areas on a scale of Cruz to Bush with Cruz being more conservative and Bush not so much? Or if your scale is Walker to Christie that works, too.  My personal scale expands from Cruz all the way up to Walker. A smaller scale than some others might have  but to be fair I’ve also knocked out Clinton, Sanders and others on the Dem side so I’m not just kicking out those in my own party.

Also, what does this mean for the first batch set to go up on the Fox stage for the first debate? Could he take the place of someone else?  Saw rumblings where some wanted to dump Trump from the debate because of his recent comments, but those are not the rules already set up. He who has the poll numbers gets a seat at the tables.  Also, we are constantly being told we are a big, wide, can’t-see-to-the-other-side tent. As such, all are welcome.

Now then, who has the scoop on Gilmore.  Oh, and, OPEN THREAD!

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