Where ColdWarrior and Sen. John McCain Go Toe to Toe

Those who drop by RedState frequently are familiar with the name ColdWarrior. He is one who will take every available opportunity to, dare I say, harp on the virtues of being a Precinct Committeeman. The influence the position wields within a state’s party and how, for some reason, many of these slots remain empty despite their importance to our cause.  ColdWarrior has encouraged, nudged, and has gotten in the face of those who want to be active in their party but don’t know what to do or how to make something happen.  Turns out someone was paying attention.  Maybe not to ColdWarrior specifically, but they knew enough about the game to know how to change an outcome.

While you may not recall ColdWarrior’s moniker,  you most definitely know the name of Arizona Senator [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ].  About a year ago, the good Senator was censured by the Arizona GOP because his voting record demonstrated he wasn’t voting conservative.  At the time,  McCain’s  people blew off the censure  acting as if it was only a fly to be swatted away.  Seems his people are still swatting.

McCain is considering making yet another run for Senator and they’ve begun to get their ducks in a row by snarfing up Precinct Committeeman slots left and right.

From Politico:


“Team McCain’s goal? Unseat conservative activists who hold obscure, but influential, local party offices.

Under the byzantine rules of Arizona Republican Party politics, these elected officials, known as precinct committeemen, vote for local party chairmen. The chairmen, in turn, determine how state and local GOP funds are spent, which candidates are promoted in an election year, and which political issues are highlighted — all matters of central concern for McCain heading into 2016, when the threat of a primary looms.”


Author Alex Isenstadt does a decent job of explaining how McCain’s team has worked the system to get his people in these committeeman slots.  No possible ally was neglected, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Vietnamese.  Yeah, I know the latter sounds like I pulled it from left field but it turns out Arizona has a Vietnamese community and they’re wild about McCain. Politico even points out, “More than 50 individuals of Vietnamese descent signed up to run for the precinct slots, and won.”

The message from the article is subtle but clear. If you don’t like how your party is run get inside and change it. And that’s what McCain’s people are doing. The article claims more than 1,5oo committeemen, or roughly 40 percent of the total, are McCain friendly.  Ok, yes, fine, he’s a defense hawk, and he was a prisoner of war and most respect him for his time in the service. I personally respect all veterans. (I bold and underline that word because what it references deserves special recognition.)

But, Conservatively speaking, he ranks 49 %  on the Heritage Action Scorecard.  He is not a Conservative. He is not even a Reagan 80/20 Republican whereby he agrees with the Republicans 80 percent of the time.  The man is just trying to hold onto a modicum of power.

Read the article. See how they’re infiltrating Arizona. And consider if you can do this in your state to help YOUR cause.


* Here’s hoping ColdWarrior will come forth and direct you to his fav sites which explain more about “obscure” committeemen and the “byzantine rules” by which they affect change. Really, I thought he would have done something on this by now, but he could just be sitting back saying I told you so.