Jonathan Gruber... "I Behaved Badly."

I’m not going into a line by line account of everything that Jonathan Gruber has written out as his official testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform. At the bottom is a link and you can read it for yourself. Or use Hotair’s link if you prefer.  But I do want to make a couple things clear. When you pull it up in pdf form,  it will show 23 pages.  Boring!

Once broken down you will notice only the first two pages are him apologizing for behaving badly and clarifying what you thought you saw and heard on those tapes.  The rest is his vita. Positions he holds, articles he’s written, grants he’s received, etc.

So, its really only two pages of him explaining himself.  There are one or two I’m sorry’s, and then he gets into clarification. As in he wasn’t the architect of anything  He says he merely ran “microsimulation models”.  He does a lot of clarifying in these two pages. This graph on tax credits and the federal exchange is one that is most important, if not a week bit convoluted. .


“The portion of these remarks that has received so much attention lately
omits a critical component of the context in which I was speaking. The point I believe I was
making was about the possibility that the federal government, for whatever reason, might not
create a federal exchange. If that were to occur, and only in that context, then the only way
that states could guarantee that their citizens would receive tax credits would be to set up
their own exchanges. I have a long-standing and well-documented belief that health care
reform legislation in general, and the ACA in particular, must include mechanisms for
residents in all states to obtain tax credits. Indeed, my microsimulation model for the ACA
expressly modeled for the citizens of all states to be eligible for tax credits, whether served
directly by a state exchange or by a federal exchange.”



No speakos in this written testimony. Its well thought out.  Somebody, somewhere seems to have fed this guy a big bowl of humble crumble.


h/t Hotair