Cockfighting. (might as well get this over with)

Matt Bevin recently did what any normal candidate would do. He noticed a large group of people and after being spotted someone asked if he’d speak to the group.  Sure! After all, he’s running for office and this is not an opportunity a pol can pass up.

Turns out the 700 people he spoke to had gathered for a pro-cockfighting rally.  When asked about his appearance his campaign people are not dodging the question, instead arguing Bevin believes the issue is more a matter of states’ rights.  In fact he says he thought the rally itself was on states’ rights, and that right after he gave his speech he left.    Organizers claim there was no question it was about changing cockfighting laws in Kentucky.

Here’s a link to get you more on the story so you can determine if he knew what he was getting into when he agreed to give the speech.


For the record, cockfighting is illegal in all fifty states. The last state to outlaw the practice was Louisiana in 2008*. If you don’t know much about it and think its just a couple of chickens thrown in a bathtub, you might want to go to the web’s most insufferable know-it-all…Mr. Wikipedia.


So, cockfighting, pitbull fighting, or just ornery ol’ bull fighting with matadors. Is it a matter of states’ rights like marijuana? Is it the blood or the gambling that makes it so loathsome for some?  And then, of course, there are the political considerations.

* edited to reflect Lousiana’s ban took effect 2008 not 1990’s. thanks citizenkh.