Why I'm So Proud of Joe Carr (and you should be, too)

If you’re not familiar with the name Joe Carr, just know that the TN State Rep is running against Senator Lamar Alexander and doing a great job of it.  Last week, Carr spoke at a Republican meeting in an adjacent county and apparently brought the conservative fire to his speech. Although I wasn’t there, the Marshall County Tribune was and passed on some nuggets.


“It’s not enough to be a Republican,” he continued. “I’m a conservative, and I’m a Constitutionalist. Some of you may not be able to vote for me, but we are not at the 11th hour, we are at the midnight hour.

“I’m going up there to start a fight,” said Carr, referring to what he would do in Washington. “We have trampled on the legacy of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.”


One man asked him how the federal government could be reigned in, given its size.  “I would get rid of the Department of Education,” Carr said. “They have a $70 billion budget and don’t teach one child.” Too true.

He also acknowledged the IRS could be thinned out if we went to a fair or a flat tax system.  And while here there are proponents to both systems, either one would undoubtedly be better than what we have now.

Another reason I’m so proud of him, is because of something he did recently concerning a bunch of unruly and disrespectful college students. Last week, the Local Government subcommittee met to look over the idea of using college IDs as a form of voter ID, since those IDs do have pictures. Carr is the chair of the subcommittee.  The lawmakers voted to study the idea.  Dozens of  students were at the meeting and the representative of the group as well as several members had time to speak on the matter.

The subcommittee ended up voting to study the idea, afterwhich the students begin to sing ” Ain’t Nobody Going To Turn Me Around”.  At this point Chairman Carr had the sergeant at arms remove them from the room and the students were escorted out. Still singing.

Now everyone knows, including those disruptive students, that all students attending here get student IDs including those from other countries and non-traditional students (a fun way of saying students not in their late teens, early twenties).  A couple of the reasons for using picture IDs is to keep down voter fraud by ensuring the voter is  a) who he/she claims to be; and b) is a citizen legally authorized to vote.  A student ID does not guarantee the person is a citizen. Just like it doesn’t give a student the right to drive or carry a weapon or any other rights guaranteed to a citizen.  At best it allows you to get lunch in the cafeteria and maybe get you a student rate at a ballgame or burger joint.

Apparently not only did the vote to study the matter upset some Democrats, but the fact that Chairman Carr called for a five minute recess when he ordered the group to be removed. However,  after they were removed Carr gaveled the subcommittee back in session.  It did not take quite the five minutes to usher out the unrulies, I suppose, and now a Dem legislator has asked the rules committee to look into whether calling the end of recess after less than the announced five minutes is allowable.

I’m beginning to really, really like this guy.