Tears falling in beers today as Rick Perry endorses McConnell

Might as well group all the screaming and yelling and crying into one area.  Rick Perry today endorsed Mitch McConnell in a move sure to cost him some votes if he makes another run for the WH.  And this time, in good health, knowing what to expect on the campaign trail, he just might have been able to pull it off.

If McConnell beats Bevin on his own, as some polls suggest, then Perry’s endorsement was useless and unnecessary, unless Perry was just trying to alienate conservatives.  That seems like an odd strategy for someone considering a run for President.  If Perry feels we absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt need an R to come out of Kentucky to make a Senate majority then he should have backed Bevin as recent polling suggests Bevin had a better shot of beating Grimes than McConnell does.

For my personal tastes, Perry is softer than I am regarding immigration, specifically his endorsement of Texas’ version of the Dream Act.  However, he is well loved by many on this site and was endorsed by members of this site. As is Bevin.

Very disappointed in a man who took so much time,  money, and support from so many good conservatives here and this is the payback they get.  I didn’t  go door knocking or envelope stuffing, or calling or blogging or any of that for him so his endorsement does not hurt on a personal level.  But it may harm Bevin who is needed in the Senate now more than McConnell is and that I cannot forgive.

Shame on you Governor Perry.