I read Politico - Lindsay Graham wants to raise "revenues" version

I want to start by encouraging everyone to read Newt Gingrich’s article on Michelle Bachmann and Muslim Brotherhood. I am betting the Speaker gives anyone pause in being overly critical of Congresswoman Bachmann. I would still like an explanation of how Tariq Ramadan ended up with a visa to this country. If you have a moment, go to muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com. I couldn’t make this stuff up (and Aaron Sorkin would lie about it if he did).

Politico is all abuzz because Mitt Romney’s press corps just can’t get no satisfaction. It seems Mitt gave the poor babies the cold shoulder and they just don’t know why? Direct quote from the article from one of the members of the press corps. “Here’s a guy making his audition on the world stage, his trip has been defined by gaffes, and he gives us five minutes and three questions in front of 10 Downing,” said another. “The appetite grows with each gaffe, and the campaign isn’t making it easier on themselves.” Now are they really that tone deaf. They say the trip was rife with gaffes (it wasn’t) and wonder why Romney won’t give them access. Hey guys, how about you prove to Romney; you’ll give him a fair shake. The interstate flows two directions. If you want access, prove you deserve it by DOING YOUR DARN JOBS. When Obama drags out some lie about Bain; call him on it. When Stephanie Guttermouth calls Romney a felon; call her an idiot. Perhaps, if you wouldn’t roll over so completely for the Obama administration, Romney would feel comfortable enough to give you access. Thought, I would try a little experiment: on the Politico front page articles praising Romney vs articles criticizing Romney.
Lets get the two in praise out of the way first:
Bill Kristol thinks the trip was a success and supports the actions of the Romney staffer who ticked the press off.
Lech Walesa prays for a Romney win (we all do).

Now on to the negative:

Critics of Romney’s trip include: left wing bloggers, Ahmadinejad, Elijiah Cummings, the Chinese government and the Palestinian Authority.
Lindsay Graham wants to raise taxes, I mean revenues and it’s all Mitt’s fault he can’t.
A Tennessee man (seriously did he have to be from Tennessee) assaulted his girlfriend because she showed him a picture of her hugging Mitt Romney at an event. It seems the guy didn’t recognize the guy in the picture was Mitt Romney so he beat her up. Of course, it was all Mitt Romney’s fault.
Hispanics are going to put Arizona in play except no poll shows this and Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration is popular in Arizona. Don’t let the truth get in the way guys just make it up as you go along.
We got no less than three links to the same content, Obama’s campaign calling Mitt’s trip fumbles , a strike out in T-Ball, and , because at this point the press doesn’t even make Gibbs be creative when he lies, fumbles again.
Romney’s aide needs valium (more than likely from dealing with these jackals everyday) and told the members of the press corps to shove it.
Oh and we have a blog reiterating a rift between Romney and his press corps.

Now to the last two, first up is Little Joey Scarborough (an example of what happens to your brain when exposed to Mika Brezhinski). Little Joey actually complains Romney doesn’t have the foresight shown by Roosevelt in initiating the New Deal. I couldn’t make this stuff up (and Aaron Sorkin would lie about it if he did). PS at this point, is Scarborough even a Republican?

Finally, Simon Says that Romney’s Israel trip won’t help with votes in Jewish community because Romney is a practicing Mormon. You know those strange Mormons baptized Ann Frank. Really, he argues that. Aaron Sorkin wouldn’t even make that up (Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews or Larry O’Donnell would).

Politico had a 2:16 positive to negative ratio on stories just from the front page. Press corps look in the mirror next time you want to cry about access. You lie and Romney has decided not to be complicit.

A story about the lies a campaign tells itself to get through the day. My comment is the authors are right on with the Obama administration i.e. no body cares about Bain, Romney’s taxes and George W. Bush but struggled a bit with Romney’s i.e. the economy and Super PACS. The article came off as a “we’re losing this thing and we have to start preparing kind of an article”.

The Congress took Jim DeMint’s sage advice and are going to avoid a government shutdown in an election year.

Obama’s run out of excuses so he is recycling old ones. This time, he told donors headwinds are holding him down

PPP puts out a new poll with the race tied in Florida. Given PPP’s well known, 5 point house affect (caused by oversampling Democrats) and factoring in the undecideds, Florida is now 8-10 point lead for Romney. The headwinds, you face, Mr President, are the voters want you gone.

Karl Rove hasn’t forgotten about the President. Crossroads up with a new ad

I couldn’t make this stuff up (and Aaron Sorkin would lie about it if he did). I read Politico so you don’t have to.