I read Politico - so you don't have to - whose side is Mitch McConnell on version

McConnell and Boehner are idiots. Seriously, did the expect when they handed Harry Reid the hammer, he wouldn’t use it. All of the idiot Senators who are crying “leadership promised the sequester would never happen” are idiots. Perhaps, this will let the members know they need leadership with a little backbone and will therefore choose new leadership. C.S. Lewis did say that experience is a brutal teacher but oh God do you learn. Speaking of the sequester, one of the smartest men alive who should be living out his golden years in peace, Dick Cheney could not as an American patriot allow Congress to gut defense spending without considering the cost to American’s security. The shame is the Vice President had to tell them. Ben Bernanke then testified on the idiocy of lowering taxes in a recession.

Republican pundits are criers. These are the same people who becried the fact there were no good candidates in the primary. Seriously, Kristol, Krauthammer, Will and Noonan ran around salivating over non-candidates like Lewis Skolnick salivating over Betty Childs. The bloviating of these windbags wouldn’t be so irritating if they made any sense. Hint: it’s probably in Romney’s best interest to do the exact opposite of anything suggested by Stephanie Guttermouth. Let me help these pundits out, in the Ivory towers, voters don’t care about Romney’s old job or Romney’s taxes; they do care about their jobs and their taxes so maybe, perhaps Romney should continue to talk about that. This point is so simple that even John Boehner figured it out.

Chris Christie is being discussed as the keynote speaker at the convention. Christie would be brilliant in the role, would fire the red meat, and as the article states this is a reward to a guy who was one of Romney’s best, first and most loyal surrogates.

A look at the various contenders for VP. I’d quibble that Jindal isn’t a contender. I also think the tide may have turned against Portman and Pawlenty the last week as Romney has become aware of the depths to which Obama would stoop. Just my guess but I think the top three are Ryan, Jindal and Rubio in that order (of course, the decision has already been made).

Tony Perkins really doesn’t want Condi. I agree with Perkins but maybe you might think a little of your influence was squandered by running to Santorum? Just saying, though Perkins did say Romney was gracious about Tony and the Boys laying down for Santorum.

GOP leadership doesn’t want a government shutdown a month before the election. You think? Luckily, Jim DeMint has decided to bail them out and is encouraging House Republicans to not force this issue in an election year.

Reince Preibus and the team at the RNC prove that two can play the transparency game and have asked for the Obama administration to release all e-mails between Steven Chu and Steve Westly around Solyndra. You know Solyndra this company that supposedly made solar panels but yet never really produced any; was supposed to hire thousands and thousands of workers but never really hired any; however they did receive millions and millions of dollars in loans guarantees even after Westly told the Administration that Solyndra would likely go bankrupt. Westly owned Solyndra and he was an Obama campaign financier so we’d like to know how he got tax payer money. Of course, the Obama Reign called this a political stunt unlike you know, their silly Bain attacks or demands to see the personal taxes of Mitt Romney.

Politico in a moment of journalistic integrity decided to run the story, Obama’s job panel hasn’t met in 6 months. I think we can safely assume from the King’s remarks in Roanoke, he doesn’t give a crap about what businessmen and woman have to say or their advice. To quote, John Boehner, Barack Obama doesn’t give a darn about the middle class. Barack Obama only cares about his job not anyone elses.

Politico did take the time to try and tar us all with the musings of Sheriff Joe and Ron Paul. What Tancredo hasn’t made any references to smelling stinky underwear lately?

Politico is all excited that John Mica is mentoring those freshman House members. Mica is excited to school these tea partiers on how to be proper RINOs, like him. From my perspective, this is akin to cheering when the Borg assimilate Earth. Let’s hope Sandy Adams plays the role of Jean Luc Picard and whips the Borg.

The mandate has multiple personality disorder. Obama insisted it was a penalty; then his lawyers argued to the Supreme Court it was a tax; then Obama admits in Roanoke, it was a tax (“you won’t have to pay the tax…”), now it is a “principle”. It has multiple personalities. By the way, here is another mistake from Roanoke. Axelrod to Obama: “Read the *(^%*&(%^&$*^^&(*%%$#EDRW#%[email protected]%#^#%^$& teleprompter.”

Things that make tnfriendofcoal smile (Politico addition)
Nancy Pelosi says no Democratic candidate should attend the convention and should stay home in their districts because Obama is an incumbent. She actually said that. Just when you think, we are saddled by the biggest idiots in Politics – Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth in the presence of a microphone.

Obama’s panhandling for cash is being seen as unseemly for a President. I think I saw David Axelrod on the side of the interstate the other day with a sign that said: “Green energy money in exchange for a donation to Barack Obama for President”.

Romney’s Grumpy Old Man apologizes for calling Obama un-American and then attacks him for not having a freaking clue about America. Sununu has been certifiable gold for like two months now…from making Soledad O’Brien and Andrea Mitchell look like the Obama crack addicts they are to this – just gold.

Finally after two weeks of Bain attacks, calling Romney a felon and a tax cheat, the NY Times confidently put a poll in the field to gauge enthusiasm and found Republicans are a lot more enthusiastic to get rid of Obama than Democrats are to keep him. Those silly voters they were more concerned about their jobs and their taxes than about Romney’s jobs and Romney’s taxes and the NY Times editorial board sheds a tear.

I read Politico so you don’t have to. The Obama Reign’s days are numbered; 109 to be exact. I am tnfriendofcoal and I approve this message.