The day at Politico. I read Politico so you don't have to.

The theme for today is coping skills. Politico needed a feel good moment today.

To make themselves feel better about the NBC/WaPo poll showing Obama still hanging on his recliner at 47%, Politico rolled out DKos polling firm PPP’s latest polling that shows Obama up 50-42 in Virginia and Obama up 47-46 in North Carolina. Markos must be so proud of PPP’s ability to shamelessly shill for the Democratic Party. Remember this is the firm that broke Big Eddie’s heart by convincing him that the Wisconsin gubernatorial race was a pick-em. Factoring in PPP’s D+5 house affect, you get Romney up 47-45 in Virginia and Romney 51-42 in NC. Meaning Virginia is a swing state lean Romney and North Carolina is bleeding red Romney (uh, you know like all the other pollsters who have polled the two states). For a look at an analysis of the NBC/WaPo poll, I’d encourage you to hit up Dan Spencer’s Diary. Well, Obama did get one piece of good polling news; he is going to crush Romney in California. Obama’s losing and Politico is trying to cope.

Well if you can’t find solace in polls, how about love? Simon says Americans need somebody to love. Rush says they found someone to love in 2008 and points out it didn’t work out so well, so why don’t we try, uh, competent. Obama’s losing and Simon is looking to love to cope.

Speaking of trying to cope, Dems like Claire McCaskill and Jon Tester are questioning the wisdom of “raising taxes” as a platform in an election year. You have to see that picture of Bob Kerrey; Dude looks like the Crypt Keeper. Seriously, he looks like one of the Zombies from the Walking Dead with pieces falling off. Dem pols are facing their last days, I can only imagine a lot of whiskey is being consumed by Dems in purple states. Obama’s losing and Dems don’t know how to cope.

Obama has sunk to panhandling for campaign cash. Come to think of it, the panhandler on the side of the interstate did look a lot like David Axelrod. I am not considering a donation, just a pink slip to be delivered on Nov 6th, 2012. For the kids sake, I hope the Obama campaign has enough money to purchase a U-Haul rental and a greyhound bus ticket to Chicago on Nov 7th. Don’t want them kids to have to walk from Washington to Chicago. Obama’s losing and Dem contributors figure they’ll need their money to cope.

Chris Christie thanks SCOTUS for upholding the illegality of extortion. I really do love how Christie can turn a phrase. Meanwhile, Rick Perry reminds us, he fears nothing that walks on two legs and calls Medicaid failed, suggesting block grants to the states would work better. Politico did take a sentence to tell us Governor Perry wants to deprive insurance to 1.3 million Texans of health insurance. Obama’s losing and Politico is throwing cheap shots at Rick Perry to cope.

We finish up the Politico coping skills lesson with an attempt by the Obama administration to cope. Obama, Gibbs, O’Malley, Durbin, heck any random socialist in the country spent the weekend calling Mitt an outsourcer. Mitt points out that Obama outsourced with taxpayer money and then the Romney campaign proves it with details and charts and explanations. An election is forever and always about the incumbents record. The incumbent either has to defend his record or find someone credible other than himself to blame for it. In the history of elections with a modern media, the only scapegoat that has worked is Congresscritters. You will know the election is getting serious when the Obama campaign starts a vigorous defense of its record or a full throated drag Congress through the sewer campaign. My guess is “taxes on the rich” is the start of blaming Congress. Obama’s losing and the campaign can’t use Mitt Romney’s job at Bain or his Swiss bank account or his house or his money or the Cayman Islands to cope.

A couple of quick hitters to close, To VP or not to VP. For Jeb, it seems the answer is not. Meghan McCain’s ghostwriter tells Jennifer Granholm what it is like for a liberal like him to hang with a conservative like her. The only problem is Meghan is not a conservative; she’s a Republican. I wouldn’t expect Jennifer Granholm to know the difference.

There it is Politico as it was, today July 10th, 2012. I read Politico, you don’t have to.