21st Century Popular Oversight

Imagine an America where every government put the information needed to oversee their operations out on the Internet, without having to be asked. Imagine that our own computers could talk to their computers, get the information, and massage, analyze, and check it for consistency before pouring all that into reports that you could pick up and scan quickly, grasping almost immediately whether things were moving in the right direction or it was time to take action to correct things. That’s a future very far from today’s reality of out of touch governments and citizens too busy trying to survive today’s economy to really dig deep into the antics the politicians are up to. You see ten years ago all of this began to be a real possibility to turn into reality instead of an idle fantasy. What was necessary was somebody to start laying out the ground work to do all of this in a way that was open (so everybody’s viewpoints could be accommodated), flexible, and self-sustainable. Nobody did. Instead a lot of independent efforts came out that all tackled an aspect of the problem. You can find them, but they don’t come looking for you, and a large number of areas remain uncovered.

That is all water under the bridge, but the opportunity to create that future of better government is still there. And if nobody else is going to do it, I might as well take a crack at it. Enter Citizen Intelligence, a project designed to tie together all the partial solutions that are out there already and create a framework that will allow all of them to work together along with  data that I’m creating and assembling.

Volunteers wanted.