Obamas vs. Palin's Experience

Barrack Hussein Obama claims to be an agent of change yet he chooses Joe Biden as his vice-president pick. Joe Biden, the third most liberal Senator and party loyalist who has been in Washington longer than John McCain. This is the same Joe Biden who has been part of the problem. So we have a first term Senator running for President who has only shown up on the congressional floor 130 times, has accomplished nothing in his political career and sat under the teaching of Jeremiah Wright with the blessing of the domestic terrorist, William Ayers. His only claim to fame is that he was a community organizer. What is that anyway?

Obama’s latest ad touts that John McCain’s votes have agreed 90% of the time with President Bush. Yet, Obama has voted 97% of the time along Democrat party lines. He represents the epitomy of liberalism under the guise of a minority even though he is half caucasion.

John McCain picks a true reformer and change agent in Sarah Palin. An incredible woman with an incredible story who has taken corruption in her own party head on and won. As mayor she cut personal property tax by 60% and she vetoed spending bills over 300 times as governor of Alaska – the most in the States history. She is pro drilling and pro energy independance. Pro life, pro marriage, and pro fiscal responsibility. She is pro-family and pro America! In Palin, we have a female Reagan, a true conservative running for a high office who happens to be from a small town. Unfortanately for Obama, Sarah Palin is one of those folks who represents the America that he disdains -those who cling to their guns and religion.

My wife and I lived in Russia and Mongolia for five years where communist and socialist idealogy is still very prevalent. Obama sounds more like a socialist with his plan to redistribute wealth and to penalize those who succeed with higher taxes. Obama’s plan to tax business would be disastrous for our country. As a business owner, I will tell you that any taxes that our business is required to pay is passed on directly to our customers in order to increase profits and pay employees. Taxing businesses even more will just drive our economy in the tank.

Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton combined. Palin’s record of accomplishments in such a short period of time is outstanding and surpasses all of them. She will service our country well.

From Locust Grove, Virginia