Pro-Lifers Aren't Pro-Life After Birth


Today I attended the ProtestPP demonstration; it’s brought forth some good conversation online. I’ve seen a few comments from some people that are sympathetic with the pro-choice position (to varying degrees). Here are a few things (paraphrased) that I’ve read online:

‘I’d be more sympathetic with the pro-life position if they helped kids in poverty.’

‘Getting rid of Planned Parenthood wouldn’t stop other places from doing abortions.’

‘Pro-lifers don’t really care about children after they’re born.’

The main problem with all statements like this is that they somehow seek to use the injustice of situation X to downplay the injustice of situation Y (or make it seem like Y isn’t even unjust). This is misguided.

Put simply: If the fetus is a human person, and a human person has rights, then the fetus has rights. If the fetus has rights, then it is the duty of the government to protect those rights (such as the right to life).

The fact of the matter is that there are many present injustices in the world and we need to spend our efforts on multiple battlefronts. Even still, we need to recognize that some battlefronts are more important than others for various reasons such as the loss of lives on one front, a disproportionate amount of troops on another, unprepared troops on another front, etc.

If you tell me that we need help on battlefront A, that does not negate in any way the importance of fighting on battlefront B (and vice versa).

I take it that murder is one of the most heinous actions that a human could commit; yes, it is worse than the counter-issue you’re trying to think of right now. Not only is murder legal in this country right now, but our governments support an organization that performs these murders.

If you don’t like Joseph Kony (giving weapons to children so they can kill people), you should hate abortion (the killing of human persons). If you don’t like Wall St. bailouts (government giving money to organizations so they can continue their corrupt behavior), you should hate abortion (government giving money to organizations so they can continue their corrupt behavior). If you don’t like police brutality (government disproportionally harming people), you should hate abortion (government funding doctors disproportionally harming people).

If you think pro-lifers need to speak more on post-birth concerns, cool. Maybe you’re right. BUT THE MURDERING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN STILL HAPPENS EVERY DAY! 125,000 PEOPLE ARE MURDERED EVERY GOD-GIVEN DAY!!!

So what are you going to do about that?

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