Why Did Rand Paul Attack Donald Trump in the Debate?

If my memory serves me correctly, [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] interjected twice (maybe it was more) after Donald Trump gave answers to questions directed at him. It was a nice way for Rand to garner more tv time, after all, he received the least amount of speaking time of all the candidates. However, I’m not convinced it was beneficial for him to do so. The crowd didn’t seem too pleased when he interjected.  So why do it?

Well, for starters I think many of the GOP candidates are dumbfounded as to how Trump could be doing so well in the (national) polls. Despite his rough and tumble attitude that many people adore, Trump has yet to provide any meaningful policy ideas. Trump reminds me of the attack that Ron Paul ran against Santorum, calling him a “Fake” (including straight to his face). But instead of using the word “fake,” Rand has come out calling Trump a “chameleon.” But now I digress.

Another reason why Rand might be bothered that Trump is doing well in the (national) polls is particularly because Trump appears to be stealing some of that Tea Party support that has backed Rand in the past. So the sooner Trump goes down in the polls the better for Rand.

But I think the best reason for Rand to make risky attacks is this: Trump is the personification of the very corporatism Rand despises.

In the debate itself Trump was unashamedly proud of his corruption, at least on two occasions. First, Trump touted that he has used bankruptcy laws on four different occasions to his profitable advantage. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Trump bragged about how he has Hillary Clinton in his pocket. He donates money to her campaigns and other organizations so she returns the favors.

Do we Americans really want an ultimate insider (Trump) to become the President of the United States?

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