So-Called Conservatives Parody of Former Self

"'Revenue Reform' Train Stopped by 'Veste...

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A conservative once wrote:

A substantial portion of the conservative movement has become a parody of its former self. Once home to distinguished intellectuals and men of letters, it now tolerates and even encourages anti-intellectualism and jingoism that would have embarrassed earlier generations of conservative thinkers. There are still some good and decent conservative leaders to be found, and a portion of the grass roots has remained uncorrupted by the transformation of conservatism into just another Big Government movement. But Big Government at home and abroad seems to suit many conservative spokesmen just fine. Once in a while they will latch on to phony but conservative-sounding causes like “tax reform”—almost always a shell game in which taxes are shuffled around rather than actually reduced overall—in order to pacify the conservative base, but that’s about it.