Representative Emerson: Say No to Bailout Bridge to Nowhere

Dear Representative Emerson,

I was extremely disappointed to learn that you voted for the bailout bill in the House of Representatives. I was even more disappointed in light of the fact that you were one of only 65 House Republicans to support this Bailout Bridge to Nowhere.

It seems to me that many representatives in Congress don’t remember who they were elected to represent. I found this quote from an article in the Southeast Missourian telling:

“Emerson was also convinced to vote for the measure when associations representing businesses showed almost unanimous support for the bill, Connor said.”

So, despite overwhelming opposition from your constituents (aka voters), you voted to support the interests of “associations” representing business.

Some of your concerns about the bill were listed as follows:

“The concerns ranged from oversight to controls on the “golden parachutes” enjoyed by top executives to bail outs for foreign banks and transparency about the price taxpayers would pay for banks’ troubled assets.”

It’s interesting that amongst your concerns I can’t find the following:

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