Kill the Bailouts

If you are angered by Congress’ massive power grab, lack of accountability, intervention in the free market, and the reality that we now have taxation without representation, you need to go to the No Cash for Trash site.

They have a great site that will let you see how Congress – both Senate and House members voted on the bailout.

They also have a section where you can log your call to your Senator or Representative. In addition, you can find and post links to articles on the Internet that demonstrate if your elected official is for, against, or on the fence for the bailout.

Please be sure to use the tools correctly or you’ll misinform others who use them. The tools don’t reflect your opinion, but the opinion of the Senator or Representative. So, if your Representative is for the bailouts please not that and not the fact that you oppose them. This will ensure everyone who uses the tools understands their elected official’s position on the bailout.

If your Senator or Representative votes for the bailout, be sure and make them pay at election time. Also, you can recall your Senator in the following states:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington andWisconsin.

Hat tip to the Campaign for Liberty web site for providing the Senate recall information.

Once you’re done doing that be sure to visit the [home page of No Cash for Trash] (http://http://nocashfortrash.org/) where you can read Twitter comments (twits) of people about the bailout. If you use Twitter already, add #nobailout or #nobailouts to your twits so it will show up on the site and appear on searches of Twitter.

Also, please check out Liberty Stop for articles, blog posts and opinions on all things liberty.