G20 protest note

I was reading G20-demonstrations-kick-thousands-protesters over at dailymail.co.uk. What caught my eye was the 3rd picture. This one here hosted at image shack by me if it removed from dailymail.

To me it shows a paper mashe puppet which is a staple at any protest. It shows a devil with a red tongue and G20. What is odd and funny is that it is made of what looks like US one dollar bills but not with Washington but POTUS Barack Obama in the center. I can see it could have been George Bush but to me it does not look like him.

The resolution of the photo prelude any close up view but it to me does not look like Washington because of the hair it is not white.

I just find that funny. They used three thing that all to them represent the evils of the G20.  The G20 is Devil and is made of US Money and the Obama is now the de facto symbol of US.