Your Family, My Family

Last night while listening to ABC News radio they had on the biographer of Sarah Palin, Kaylene Johnson. At the end of the interview, she commented that the Sarah Palin that you see in public is the same Sarah Palin that you see in private, and that she’s a real woman with a real family. The commentator, after finishing his interview with Johnson, then proceeded to declare that Sarah Palin’s family was fair game because “they” are using her family to promote her. I was so incensed. First off, I don’t believe that Kaylene Johnson is any official surrogate of the McCain/Palin ticket. (If I’m wrong, don’t shoot me.) Second, a simple comment about her having a real family seems very little to pull from to get to the conclusion that her family is fair game for the media.

Sarah Palin has introduced her family in introducting herself to the public. That is not unusual for a politician who is not well known. But, I have never heard her or the McCain/Palin team suggested that her family is her qualification for the position of Vice President.

Let’s look at a few thing I happen to remember:

-Obama’s family comes up on stage to meet him after his convention speech…not a reason to make them fair game.

-Palin brings her family up on stage after her introduction as VP nominee and after her convention speech…hmm, maybe fair game.

-Obama’s wife stumps for him over and over during the primary campaign…she’s still off the table (according to Obama).

-Palin’s family stand beside her not campaigning or speaking to the media…hmm, maybe fair game.

-Obama has his daughters sit down for an interview with Access Hollywood…still not fair game.

-Palin gives a press release saying that her daughter is pregnant, responding to vicious rumors that Trig is actually Bristol’s son…she’s definitely fair game now.


Truly, as much as I follow politics, I don’t even know the names of Obama’s two daughters, and I am just as happy not knowing. I don’t need to be involved with their life in any way. And neither does the media. I don’t need to be involved in the life of the Palin family, either. And neither does the media.

The idea that the Palins have opened themselves up to this kind of scrutiny is ridiculous. If Todd starts stumping for his wife, then he will have opened himself up to the same scrutiny as anyone who enters the political arena, the kids, on the other hand, should be off limits. All of them.