Obama's Unwanted Storylines...

From the Politico…


As a service to Redstate readers, the “Reader’s Digest” Version… 

“Here are seven storylines Obama needs to worry about:



1. He thinks he’s playing with Monopoly money


It is clear Obama underestimated the political consequences that flow from the perception that he is a profligate spender.

2. Too much Leonard Nimoy

His intellectuality has contributed to a growing critique that decisions are detached from rock-bottom principles.

3. That’s the Chicago Way

The lesson that many Washington insiders have drawn is that Obama wants to buy off the people he can and bowl over those he can’t.

4. He’s a pushover

It’s a perception that began when Obama several times laid down lines — then let people cross them with seeming impunity.

5. He sees America as another pleasant country on the U.N. roll call, somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe

It would be hugely unwelcome for Obama if the perception took root that he is comfortable with a relative decline in U.S. influence or position in the world.

6. President Pelosi

It is clear that Obama has allowed the speaker to become more nearly an equal — and far from a subordinate — than many of his predecessors of both parties would have thought wise.

7. He’s in love with the man in the mirror

Does Obama have more than his share of self-regard?

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln