Obama Overbearing, Pelosi Over-the-top, Jindal Over His Head...


I watched a little of the President’s speech, as much as I could stomach. The bug-eyed plastic-faced Pelosi jack-in-the-box was a huge distraction. She should have been put in the “safe undisclosed place” instead of Holder.


Obama comes across mean and dictatorial. Unlike Bush, I don’t think he could shed a tear unless it was over his own successful squashing of what is left of the American spirit. Watching him work the crowd told volumes. He has an uncanny ability to ignore people in his face. If I were Ken Salazar, I would be wondering why I took the Interior job. Like he wasn’t there. Bush was a lovable frat boy as he made his way through the crowd. Still likeable even if he couldn’t find the WMD’s. Obama. Scary. Plain scary.


On the Republican front, Jindal was warm and engaging, but far too boyish at present. I’m sure he’s hands down smarter than Palin, but she’s got it, and his is still on the truck, out for delivery. I’d say Palin is our main hope right now if she can shed the mavricky wardrobe she acquired during the inquisition—I mean campaign. Forget reaching across the aisle. We’ve got to take control of the game. She should know how if she was a point guard. Now wouldn’t be too soon to hit the campaign trail.