What I Wrote My Congressman...

“I am fundamentally against the bailout, but understand that it’s now a matter of the market’s perception of government’s willingness to act. Still, it’s grating to me to have to make amends for the greed that was allowed to run rampant in the financial markets. All the bankers would have needed to do is stay within time-tested LTV ratios and perform routine income checks. I received one of these easy mortgages where my income was not verified. I am good for it and had the good sense to police myself with regard to my LTV. Many others didn’t, obviously. More importantly, my grave concern is that Obama will win and his laundry list of programs (you heard his list of essentials in the debate) will get funded too, exascerbating an already dire situation. If we held spending to a minimum, perhaps this deal would soften the blow, but the democrats and perhaps the republicans will not show restraint. To give you some guidelines for voting. 1) To heck with the executives. They ran the organizations into the ground, and they need to reap what they sowed. 2) ANY AND ALL returns go to the taxpayers. Not Acorn or any other pork barrel. 3) Don’t spend it all if you don’t have to. This is a market/credit booster, so see if this works before you go crazy handing out checks. 4) Finally, make sure you do the right thing. We will not have time to read this. I am trusting MY representative to represent ME, and the USA.”

p.s. I am sick of the Wall Street, Main Street theme. SICK OF IT!!!