Time for the Game Changer...

John McCain is scrappy and shrewd. He’s like the “old ball coach” with another trick play up his sleeve. Yet you don’t coach UF anymore and you’re too far behind with precious minutes left–against UF.

I would be hopeful that there could be a game changer on the horizon for McCain, but I fear the VP debate. I sense that Palin lacks the creativity to compose answers to questions on the fly. Biden can filibuster with the best of them. My fear is compounded by the problem that the MSM will not challenge a thing the dems say. The moderator will join the attack too, you can bet on it. So I would tell Biden to make her cry. It won’t matter. Beat her up. They’ll sort through it all and come to the same conclusion. She is “vapid and shallow” no matter how well she does.

The economy is in such a state of upheaval that it might be impossible to avoid the “throw the bums out” mindset. We had them on energy with Palin, but the discussion has changed. McCain’s foray back into the legislative process has been obfuscated to the point that it wasn’t worth the drama. On this, Obama has the audacity to give him “no credit.” This will be THE topic until and after election day, we’ll just have to face facts.

McCain needs some traction but has little tread left. He has been down and out before, but are there any tricks left in the bag? Maybe these perhaps? For one, I’d phone in unexpectantly to Rush and Hannity and explain his role in the bailout deal. That’s millions in the base and some independents too. He needs to connect with the people. He’s not getting through clearly in the MSM. All there is is Fox. Second, I’d pull Palin out of study hall and have her get loose for the debate. We don’t want her to try to win a policy debate with Biden. Whatever it is–the moxy she’s used thus far to propel her forward, needs to be tapped again to win. “Ya know, the way we handle that back in Alaska is to…” will work much better than stumbling through a few foreign names. Third, I would dredge up all the bad guys (Retzko, Wright, Ayers) in Obama’s past with a flurry of negative ads. What do we have to loose? Go for the jugular this time. Get Obama to send out his lawyers against us. That should be the goal.

I am praying for a miracle. Some twist of fate that turns the tide. We are doomed with Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Doomed.

I know this is a downer, but John and advisors, reach deep. Think of something! Sarah Palin, get your game face on. If Biden says something insulting, say “if I weren’t a lady, I come over there and pop you.”