Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh

The sun is setting and she is walking towards me. My eyes can’t decide which is more Beautiful the site of the sunset or of her. Your heart is bounding in your chest you cant believe the gift that God has given you.
The silhouette of her against the back drop of a sunset and the shimmer of the water is just as much as you can bare.
You wrap your arms around her knowing there isn’t a mountain you can’t climb and world that you can’t conquer as long as your together. You don’t want this moment to end you would do anything just to remain in her arms because you know that after all is said and done she fits.
Courtship turns to love and your thoughts are of her day and night. You know you want to pop the question but your just trying to think of the best opportunity to do it.
That moment finally arrives and on bended knee you ask her to marry you. She looks at you and say’s yes and in disbelieve you ask her again and the answer is still the same Yes.
You begin to build a life and you come home from work and she greets you at the door with a smile so big that it lights up the whole room.
The reason for her smile is that she is pregnant and your about to be a Daddy. You remember the time you where at the pond and you didn’t want that moment to end because you were so happy.
Then you thank God that the moment did end because if it hadn’t you couldn’t have experienced this one.
The time arrives and she has given you a son you can’t fight back the tears and you say why bother and you shed those tear of joy like a blathering idiot.
One son turns to two and then two turn to three each time crying over the gift of life that God has allowed you to share.
These are just example of a bigger picture, The picture God has painted he started painting it in the Book of Genesis.
When God created Eve from a rib from Adam, Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
This is an example of when we accept Christ and become bone of his bone flesh of his flesh.
I learned a long time ago that the truth is the truth weather I believe it or not. You can change the laws to better saute your needs to justify the things you want to do. Like marriage, But you rob yourself of the gifts God wants to share with you through the union of a man and a woman.
That is the real sad part about it your allowing Satan to take away the gifts that God has for you all for the glory of changing a law to better saute your needs.
You think you would direct your anger at the ones trying to pass those laws robing you of those gifts and not the ones that want you to experience them.
You would think it would bother you that these people don’t care about what your losing they just want your money and your vote not caring for one moment about your loss.
I care, I want you to experience those gifts even if it means offending you.