Barry, Would you please come live in Maine.

They passed a new law in Maine and it goes like this, When you go to renew your license you have to bring a birth certificate to show that you were born.
I have talked to people all the way in to there 80’s on this subject and the other day a guy stopped me and asked me for directions to the post office and the more I tried to explain it to him the more he seemed lost.
I said to him, I have to got to the bank, The bank is right across the street from the post office and if you give me a ride to the bank, I can show you right where it is.
As where driving you could tell this poor gentleman was a little up set and he start to tell me why he has to go to the post office.
He say’s, My family and friends want to send me on a trip over sea’s and I need to got to the post office and pick up some paper work for a passport and he shows me a list of thing he has to go throw to get it.
The he explains to me that there giving him a hard time about his birth certificate and I asked him, What country he was born in and he say’s, America and I said, Did you serve in Vietnam and he say no, I served in WW2 and I couldn’t believe it when he told me how old he was.
That man looked good for 83 years old and i said, Then where in is the hard time, You are from one of the greatest American generations and they are giving you a hard time.
They wouldn’t take your Military records and he said, No, They want my birth certificate and they say the one i have is know good.
Lets just say, After this i couldn’t stop thinking about same one else, He drops me off and I show him where the post office is and i thanked him and wished him luck and off i went.
I couldn’t stop thinking about this poor man, He served his country proudly in WW2 and they have the nerve to give this man a hard time.
I do the things i need to get done and i start walking home when I’m walking across the street I see someone waving to me and it is that gentleman and he wants to know were the town hall is.
I start to laughing and say, Same deal, Give me a ride back and I will show you were it is, It is going back where we came from and i hopped in and off we went.
He looks at me with a smile, Because by this time I’m laughing at the run around this poor man has to do and he say’s, Know i got to, Go to, The town hall and pick up some paper work there and i said, Unbelievable.
I showed him the Town Hall and i thank him again and off I went and I started thinking, How God lead this man to me so i could help him and at the same time God helped me by giving me a ride to the bank and back and i asked God to help this man on his quest.
I tell you this story because i can and why can i because God gave me this story to tell and tell it i will and there is a man that wont show us his records, Sitting where he does not belong and mocking the very foundation of what this country was founded on.
We can’t even find out about his school records and we have to show a birth certificate to renew a license and that poor man is showing all his records and he is given a hard time about a passport and we can’t even find out about his passport records.
Would you do me a favor and come to live in Maine so that way when it is time to renew your license we could get a look at your birth Certificate?

We The People,