The Whack Jobs Are At It Again!

I belong to a State that is now a proud member of the Same Sex Marriage Club and the whack jobs are at it again.
Some people in town or should I say, Two whack jobs are at it trying to get a no idling law past in the lovely town of Kennebunk.
The last town meeting it was in the paper about these two whack job or should I just say, Idiots or say, Special needs people or should I say what Mainer really say about people like this, Cover your eyes I’m going to write it, We would call them, Inbreed.
They were at that town meeting spewing there globe warming crap and driving people insane.
I know of one guy he can’t go to the town meetings because it makes his blood boil and he really would like to say something but like he say, I might get arrested, I’m sick and tired of these people and that is why I stay home.
They said at the town meeting, No, But they would send it to comity and talk about it.
I say what a complete waste of tax payer time and money, They should have looked at them and told them to go away,We will not be wasting our Towns money or time on such a foolish laws as this.
Because they didn’t do this, These people are at it again and I think it is because of reading there names in the paper. I think there heads have swelled to a large size and there blood flow is getting blocked off and they have lost any ability for normal thought and reason.
Not only them but the people that run this town as well for not put there foot were it really belongs up there @$$.