The Governor Was Afraid To Come Out Of The Closet!

The Right Side Of Kennebunk.

Today was a day of thrills, Couldn’t get enough of people and they couldn’t get enough of me. They where trying to take bites out of me like I was a pork chop.
So I figure I would take a bite out of them and I did. I live in a town that lets just say everybody knows who I am by name and not by heart. I have a opinion on everything.
All you got to do is ask and I will tell you and you may not like what I have to say.
If you don’t want to hear the truth, Don’t ask.
This customer comes in, Tim , You know that same sex marriage bill that they past,  I said, Yea.
He says, Have you been reading the paper or Watching the news.
I say, No, He give me this dirty look and say’s, The news people wanted to do this big ceremony over the signing the bill.
The Governors office refused to do it they decide it would be better to do it behind closed door away from the public’s eyes.
I couldn’t help but think hows Gods eyes could see what they where doing and that there is no hiding from God, Your only fooling yourself if you believe that.
These topic went on for a while and then he left never asking my opinion on this subject.
You see a customer came in the other day trying to bait me into giving a response about Obama. I wasn’t taking the bait and I really wanted to and it was pretty hard to hold my tongue.
She is walking around the store basking in the glow of Obamunism it was a site more than I could bear and all I wanted to do was take a bite out of her.
Now, I know that there are some people that no matter what you say, Your not going to get throw to them no matter how hard you try.
Real growth comes in recognizing that, If you don’t your just going to make yourself miserable.
She walks up to the counter big old smirk on her face starring at the Obama trading cards sitting on the counter. She picks the cards up and gives me this look that made me wish I was a girl, So I could slap her.
So Tim,
What do you think about Obama with a slow drawn out voice that made the back my hair stand up and the man in me roar.
He is a parasite and you people that voted for him makes me sick, He is a baby killer and you people that voted for him are too.
Still basking in the glow of Obamunism she walks over near the trash and says he is doing so much with the economy.
I started to laugh and then said, He is driving the economy into the ground and I could careless.
The glow of Obamunism drained out of her so fast I have to say I was amazed by the very site of it.
What do you mean you don’t care if he drives the economy into the ground.
I told her, There is only one reason that I even bother to vote and that is because of Abortion, A country that would murder a innocent life is know country.
Still not glowing in the glow of Obamunism starring at me with eyes of puzzlement.
Wasting no time I said, I don’t believe in Democracy, I believe in a theocracy.
What is a theocracy,
Theocracy is the people are ruled by God and not by man, And until that day comes I will continue to let my voice be heard for the innocent life that you people slaughter.
She just keep walking around in circles and I waited on the next customer and that customer wouldn’t even give me eye contact.
A few minute later she headed for the door to leave she says, See you later and as she is walking out the door you could see the look of bewilderment on her face.
Every time this Nation has voted with it’s pocketbook in mind this stuff happens and do you know that is how the anti Christ comes into power and you continue to do it.
That puts a look of bewilderment on my face.