The Union Between A Man And A Woman

Today the Maine state house voted to pass the same sex marriage bill robbing the Maine people of the blessings that God has for them, Throw the union of a Man and a Woman.
They don’t care about you, They only care about money and power. They could careless that doing the right thing has consequences not knowing that doing the wrong thing has consequences as well.
They say, They don’t want to offend people. The real offense is robbing these poor people and there families of the blessing that God has for them.
They try to legislate morality thinking and acting like they are gods.
They want to set there throne above God, Does that sound familiar, I hope so because that is what Satan has been trying to do, I guess they keep in his company.
Satan also doesn’t care about us either, He is trying to stop God’s judgment on him and trying to destroy Man to stop it.
The Maine state house is doing the same thing, There trying to over turn God’s judgments on this subject and in the process of that destroying the family structure that God Intended.
Don’t be mad at these people, There only doing the work of there Master, For Satan is as a roaring lion running to and through seeking whom he may devour.
I ask you to do the work of your Master, Jesus came not into the world to condemn the world but that the world throw him might be saved. We serve a God of Redemption and reconciliation.
Real love is Offensive in the light of a Mans actions, So as they rejoice over passing that bill, Try not weep for them over there losses.
When they smile, That will be short lived, Real joy will never shine throw a hardened heart and when all there work comes crashing down there going to need a friend.
There is know greater love then to lay down your life for a friend.