Who Says You Cant Be Transported!

I have been watching Star Trek almost my whole life, I use to get out of school and run home so I could watch it.
I would have to go outside and keep turning the antenna to until it would come in. The only station that had it on was channel nine in New Hampshire. Run outside, Twist it a little, Run back in and look to see if the picture was better.
Run back outside and twist it a little more. Run back in to the house and check to see it was coming in.
I trust I have painted a picture of some crazy boy who loved his Star Trek running in and out, In and out of the house with the look of determination on his face and a love for his Star Trek in his heart just wanting to hear his favorite words, ” I think he dead Jim.
They say painting a picture is worth a thousand word then boy do I have a lot of words for you!
Frank Sinatra sings a song called, “Fly me to the moon” there is a line that say’s ” Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars. I can’t show you what spring is like on Jupiter or Mars what I can do is show you what spring is like in Maine.
Please allow me to transport you to Boothbay Harbor enjoy the view!
One to Beam down,

<center><b>WHO SAYS YOU CANT BE TRANSPORTED!</b></center>
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